Renew Love in your Life with 3 Simple Flips of the ‘Switch’

January 29, 2020 0 By April Kirkwood

How often do you look in the mirror muttering in disgust, “Why doesn’t love ever last for me?” or “What am I doing wrong?”

If you do, welcome to the human race.

We spend our entire lives wandering around trying to get ‘it’ together when we don’t know what ‘it’ is. It’s as though we have fallen asleep to our real selves.

This lapse in memory grows with each limited perception of life until we begin to actually believe that we are flawed, inadequate, and defective. Then we make sure that our story is correct, by making sure we never find the right partner just to keep our mind from totally losing all objectivity.

I believe that our ‘consciousness’ does us wrong separating us from spirit and keeping us captive to our ego. We soon begin to think of love and life in terms of self-protection, struggles, and something that must be fought for.

The effects of this irrational rationalization of the ego are varied. Some eventually give up on love and close their emotions off. Others settle letting the embers grow cold living life on auto between bitter jabs and solitary nights with a mate that they can barely stand. Then there are those who have convinced themselves that they are right and keep piling up lover after lover as though their success in relationships were measured in quantity rather than quality.

This short piece is in no way a complete course on the divinity within yourself but these three simple practices will boost the love in your life increasing your energy lightening your aura so you finally get that the underling problem is not you. It is your view of yourself and others that is wrong. You are perfect and your life is perfect. This knowledge flips the switch and opens the flood gates putting a skip in your step, and a
smile on your face. It is then opportunities to love arrive from your inward energy as you expand, heal, and attract others in that same frequency.

Here are the three simple practices to begin the transformation to finding love in your life:

1st Switch to Flip: Recognition of “R” real self

You are composed of energy that never dies. You are a soul visiting earth to learn lessons and raise your vibrations via lessons and karma. Your soul is composed is of splendid creation and it is in that lightness and creativity that is ‘You.’

You are pure joy.

It’s easy to get really irritable and downright nasty right back to those who are absorbed in such feelings of sewage. When someone makes you feel less than that and it feels that they want to do your harm it is time to flip it. When you react or act meanly from the mind fight or flight reaction or feelings of shame or times of sorrow it’s time to remember
that you are a complete.

The body is there as your friend. Breath is life.

Breathe in and out and repeat:

“This is not me.”

Key: There are no mistakes in your life. The problem is not you; it is your perception of you.

Perks: Self love is the connection of source eliminates guilt and anger. Regret disappears as we see all is as it is in order.

2nd Switch to Flip: Acceptance of Others

We each come with our issues. No one is free from some sort of trauma, drama, and loss. But when we realize that absolutely everything comes to us for our expansion and growth we will see others differently. Resentment, anger, and guilt will no longer grow when you see that one we are not separate from others and two, they are also suffering. Just like you, they are lost in consciousness and have forgotten their identity on the journey. Synchronicity is so powerful. Souls arrive as if on cue to help one another learn.

When someone has offended you, rejected you, and passed over you silently realizing they are lost in their false self:

The body is there as your friend. Breathe is life.

Breathe in and out and repeat:

“This is really not you.”

KEY: The act of seeing someone’s purity ripples through the universe healing yourself, them, and changing the composition of your being.

PERKS: The quality of your relationships improve. Those who are meant to be with you will move away as those more suited to your soul’s longing will arrive as if on cue.

3rd Switch to Flip: Living Large

Let’s get real, daily life is a grind and we forget our inner knowing our ego loves the chance to take over. Your newly expanded sense of self and others will need constant reinforcement to counteract the mind’s ego trying to keep you afraid of opening your heart.

In order to stay in light and openness where your magnificent, creative, energy abides, this practice will help you connect to your inner knowing and give others space to grow to feel this through your vibrations.

The body is there as your friend. Breathe is life. Breathe in and out and silently greet each living thing you see saying:

“Hello soul, great to see you. ”

Key: You are a creator. Creator is not a noun. You need to go out there and do your job for love.

Perks: The more you give, the more you receive.

This is the path to a life filled with love understanding that you are a soul and spiritual growth is your primary purpose with the help of all who enter and exit as predetermined by both yourself
and them.

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