Men, The Single Warning Sign That Your Lady is About To Walk Out

Men, The Single Warning Sign That Your Lady is About To Walk Out

November 15, 2014 0 By April Kirkwood

Why Is a Man Always Shocked When she says,

“It’s Over.”


Every once in a while I see a man wandering aimlessly in the park, slouching like a whipped puppy at a bar, or staring at the frozen section at the grocery store in a sad state of despair. It’s because the electric volt is still pulsating throughout their jelly brains with the charged words of their girl blurting out,“I’m breaking up with you. I’m done.”

I can tell by that lost look in their eyes, that they just got their feet kicked out from under them. What’s worse, they were clueless that there was even a remote possibility that the relationship was on the rocks.  One guy said, “I would have bet a million dollars that there wasn’t  a chance in hell she would ever leave me.”

But she did.  I have done it and I bet you have as well.

And though they didn’t see it coming; on the contrary, they had more time to make it right then they realized. Often it takes years of fights over money, kids, love making, and more to cause your lady to shut down. Holidays ruined. Lies. Deception on so many levels. Even though we girls accept the ‘I’m sorry,’ kiss and make-up, it takes a toll on the life and vitality of a relationship.

I always remember thinking, “I don’t want to leave, but I can’t stay.”

Each assault is like a brick or a gun shot to the heart to this long, long good-bye.

With enough bricks or shots, not only can’t we see ourselves with you, we feel ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Too much pain, anger, disappointments until we feel dead inside.


You men, on the other hand, are totally derailed by these kind of news.


Because YOU SIR misread our behavior.


The time to perk up your ears is when she is quiet and cool. You think she all of a sudden becomes the perfect mate compliant to your wishes without so much as a grumble.  She agrees it’s ok to go out with your friends, doesn’t text to see when you’re coming home, and is asleep when you do get there. No more fights, no more fussing, no more catty remarks.  She’s calm as a cucumber.

It’s because the decision is made.  She’s done fighting.  She’s done hoping you will talk, join in, make an attempt, be romantic, and step it up.

She no longer goes on and on about her crappy job, what her friends said, or what you two are going to do tomorrow night. You, my friend, are not privy to such personal thoughts any more.  You have been moved outside of her space and you don’t even know it.

When the house is strangely calm and she’s weirdly very nice,

 it’s because

she’s emotionally gone.


The opposite of Love is NOT Hate

it’s indifference!

As Always,

April of Course

(Once in a while I feel the urge to help you men out!)

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