Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Cheat

Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Cheat

August 11, 2015 0 By April Kirkwood


Yes, I’m a woman writing this so we can all agree with one fact, there will be some bias here. But, not as many as you would think.  I have been both the victim of a cheating and a cheater as well with a whole lot of tears, time, and education behind me to feel confident that I have some insights as well as a deep love for you, your relationships, and the future of romance.  Saying that, the cold dark truth is that statistics still confim that more men cheat than women and more women are caught unaware.

So, this blog is dedicated to all of the men who may or may not have cheated and the women who have fallen for, gave their hearts to, and dedicated them.

The guys hanging out

In truth, I think It’s ridiculous I’m even having to write this at all.  I still can’t believe after all of these hundreds of years of interactions with females that you guys still don’t get it. Seriously, the entire male population couldn’t have been dropped on their heads.


So, It’s about time you get it straight. If you want a happy life with a gal that goes the distance and is true blue despite your up’s and down’s, you Must NEVER cross this line.

If you do this one thing to your lady,

‘Hell will freeze over before she will forgive you and your sex life will become a freeze zone.’


We know you leave your shorts on the floor and you burp at the table.  We may grimace, shake our heads, and mutter but it’s more than forgiveable.  We even put up with Sunday football, your Mom, and the smell of your feet…but there is one mistake that is almost impossible for women to get over.

What is it?


No, it’s not gambling, excessive spending, drinking, hanging out with the boys loving your car, golfing too much, or that beer belly.

It’s C H E A T I N G!


About 70 percent of married men admitted to cheating on their wives!

I even found some research that stated that a large percent of men cheated on their wedding night! Go figure, even I was shocked at that one; and it takes quite a bit for my jaw to fall into my lap!


For you lucky guys who have gotten away with nightly bootie calls or are just thinking about taking a walk on the wild side ask yourself these questions?

After all, we can all theorize about infidelity adjusting stats, changing interview styles, but the truth is we are all unique. We each come wrapped up in a one of a kind experience in life owning a very personal perception of love, romance, and sex so there are no clear cut answers to why you individuals do this.

So, I would like you to privately, honestly, read the following questions and start to wrap your precious little heads around why you cheat.


 Because I still believe in love, romance, and happily everafter if we could only get out of our own ways!

Guys, do you cheat because:

1. Your’e not getting enough sex?

2. You feel lonely and isolated from your honey?

3.  Do you secretly want to get caught so she makes the decision to end the commitment leaving you off the hook of calling it quits?

4. Are you suffering from low self-esteem and cheating brings you a grandeous feeling of masculinity?

5. Are you addicted to the chase, the conquest?  So much so that it has become a way of life for you?

6.  Is the act of cheating, having a mistress, weekends hidden alone from the kids and wife acceptable in your culture and an unspoken view of male behavior demographically that you have automatically adopted as your values?

7.  Is this act of cheating because you have fallen in love with the person you believe should be your mate for the rest of your life?

8. Are you lost even in understanding the word LOVE, not even sure what it means let alone what to do with it?

No matter what your answers are the effects are the same.  This is what happens when you cheat:



1.  The woman who love will never trust you again and her view of you, your relationship, your life together, your home, your children will become a mismash of emotional chaos.

2.  Your boys will believe this is the way to treat a woman yet be totally screwed up because they love their Mom and can’t stand to see her betrayed.

3.  Your daughters will see themselves as nothing more than objects, will have issues of trusts, low self-esteem and a probablility of looking for love in the wrong places at inappropriate times.

4.  You will never be able to recover from the shame and disrespect brought on in the eyes of friends, co-workers, extended family, church members, and mostly the woman who loves you.

5. And you my friend are left to deal with this the rest of your entire life.  Now, is a few hours under the sheets worth such a loss of respect to those you love?

PS…not to mention divorce fees, child support, and another marriage.

PS…research shows that second marriages are more difficult to maintain than first ones!



Good luck.

Think twice! No! Think a million times before you make this tragic mistake.



April of Course





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