What Destroyed The Houston Girls

What Destroyed The Houston Girls

February 10, 2015 0 By April Kirkwood


     We all sit in stillness as we in watch in horror as social media describes the most recent  drama of Bobbi Christina Brown who is the only child of music legend Whitney Houston.  Like her mother, this twenty-one year old woman was tragically found freakishly mimicking her mom both in life and death.

Christina Bobbi was found lying unconscious face down in her bathtub now in the hospital unable to breath on her own.  Miss Brown was to be taken off the ventilator on the anniversary of her mother’s accidental death three years ago. As of this writing, no news on her condition.


Who is responsible for the destruction

of these lovely ladies?

Bobbi Brown is screaming criminal allegations.  Others are blaming her peers and the world of addiction. Some criticize the parents, Bobbie and Whitney, and all she witnessed growing up. Family members are condemning social media for the unbearable stress that the Houston Girls were made to endure living under the microscope of fame.

But I blame myself and YOU for the self-inflicted abuse these girls modeled as they screamed for someone, anyone to stop them from themselves.

They may have pulled the trigger but who let them buy the gun?


  1. How often do we look to those who are famous devouring their pain to negate looking at our own lives?
  2. Why is it we look the other way when people in power act self destructively not just permitting them but often encouraging them because It on some level serves our own selfish needs?  This includes but is not limited to: press, handlers, record companies, maids, drivers, designers, trainers, physicians, and publicists.
  3. Why do we never take personal responsibility but we act like voyeurs grappling over every dirty detail?

I hope these thoughts extend to people around us.  Those who we look down upon because they are different in some way or the ones who don’t exactly fit into social life.

Instead of gossiping about them, shut up.

Instead of judging them, shut up.

Instead of smugly putting yourself above them, shut up.

Why not?

Realize they are part of you.

Realize you are either part of the problem or solution.

Realize those who embarrass you need your love and non judgment to heal.

Realize your opinion, your positive energy counts to those who are hurting.

Realize you matter to the world.


“Dear Whitney and Bobbi, I am sorry we let you down.”


Love always,

April Lynn

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