What Intuitves Know about LOVE That Can Help Heal Your Broken Heart

What Intuitves Know about LOVE That Can Help Heal Your Broken Heart

March 2, 2016 0 By April Kirkwood

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Most women have a secret or two.

I’ll take it on the chin for all of us!

We have gone and paid to have a reading with a psychic.


 I too have visited a back room with drapes, crystals, and cards tossed about  with the soft mysterious glow of a candle or two.

Even if you haven’t personally met with a psychic, let’s face you are a little bit interested.

Most of us go for matters of the heart.

 But isn’t everything truly a matter of the heart.

“Will he betray me?”

 “Is she being unfaithful?”

“Does he really love me?:

Is It Wrong to seek a spiritual advisor of this sort?

I truly believe that any venue that brings you more intouch with yourself and the world around isn’t such a bad thing.  Our teachers are everywhere: the priest, the boss, a teacher, or a parent always present for us with information and whether it be a priest, a teacher, a parent, or an intuitve.  Just make a mental note, however, not all of these are great at what they do.  However, there are authentic individuals everywhere whether it be a priest, a husband, or a medium.


Anyone who invokes fearmongering is not a positive person for you especially when you are in need of guidance and in a desperate emotional state.

I’ll explain below.

But for most of us, it’s the nights spent tossing and turning, the empty bottle of wine, unwise shopping sprees to fill the void that beckon us to find advice.  That being said, I’ve learned so much from so many avenues increasing my self awareness that I have no regrets to receiving help in times my heart was lost in hopelessness.

Hint:  I usually get my best reading the first few moments they see me; much of the rest is more for the show.

Hint:  Listen carefully and openly.  It is ourselves who often misrepresent their words and turn it into something completely opposite of the intended message.

Hint:  They don’t like to talk about death.  But if you hear some warnings, a worried look, or a need for you to take action; be warned, there is probably more there than what is being shared to you.

Hint:  There are many forms of death….a breakup, a divorce, moving across the globe.  Take comfort my broken friends, nothing can separate you from that love.

Lessons in LOVE and LIFE via my friendly intuitives.



  1. We are all energies with frequencies.  When someone dies, their frequency changes.  No one really dies.  Like science….energy is neither created or destroyed.  It just changes forms. They are not dead.  Death is more like shedding a pair of gloves, the hand like the soul still remains after the body shuts down.

  2. Being a lighter frequency, the dead feel only love for us. They get it even though we don’t.They try to reach you but when you are mourning, afraid, depressed it’s too difficult to penetrate.

  3. Your love for someone never ends.  That means relationships never end.  It might be a “see you again” but is never “good-bye.”

  4. In their higher frequency and linked back to the bath of source, they love you and there is no need for forgiveness in their being.  Know that and forgive yourself.  It will always just be about love and the lessons.

    Ex:  Even if you cheated on him and broke his heart, somehow deep inside each of you know this was a test of sorts.  Though you may have failed or succeeded in the learning of some truth, it doesn’t matter.  There will be more opportunities.

  5. You can talk to them whenever you want.  One practice that has brought me success is looking at their photo for a few minutes before I go to bed.  Within 30 days, somehow there is a connection made.

  6. Lovers always love us.  Souls travel in tribes and we change roles often but we are always there to help each other move closer to the light.

     Ex:  My daughter cvould have been my mother in a past life.  There are hints.  Look for them.

  7. We will be together again. Even our four legged friends have spirits and come to comfort us in various life times.  Promise me.  We all return home from earth university and join together in celebration.

    To all of the men who loved me, left me, and those I hurt. “I love you.”

    Love - red hearts


    April of Course

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