Important Skills That Will Transform Your Life!

Important Skills That Will Transform Your Life!

March 18, 2019 0 By April Kirkwood

“Did you hear the news?” one nurse said to another while grabbing their charts and getting ready for another busy day,  “Susan got promoted again.  This is the third one in less than four years.”

They wondered what she was doing to move up the ladder and what she was doing to get the right people to notice and value her.

What did she do to gain the respect of her employer to stand up and take notice?  Why do doctor’s request her to assist them with patients and delicate procedures? What is it about her bedside manner that makes family and patients adore her? or?

Susan  went back to college to continue her professional training.  What’s more, it didn’t just change her entire career; it transformed her finances, improved her social, and gave her more time to be with family and friends.


It wasn’t the degree in and of itself but it was the degree that seeped over, creating a new life and enlarging her contacts as well as her opportunities.  These skills provided an internal shift raising her self-esteem and the belief she had in herself to become what she thought was once only a dream.

 Get these highly sought after skills and transform your life today!

Learn the key components of communication for patients to assist them during a crisis, grief, and healing.

Find more acceptable methods of dealing with staff that will encourage their growth without sounding condescending.

Feel confident and equipped to take on leadership roles that showcase your knowledge, compassion, and dedication to your field.

Gain more certifications expanding the areas that you can become involved with.

Earn respect from staff and superiors.

Renew your passion for serving with a deeper understanding.

Know that you are the loving extension of God giving love to those who are often alone, scared, and vulnerable.

Isn’t it time you grew into the nurse that is one of kind, loved, admired, and emulated?

The world is waiting!













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