How To Find Peace In Your Mistakes

How To Find Peace In Your Mistakes

October 10, 2016 0 By April Kirkwood

We sure behave crazy sometimes!


You see a little baby bite another one and wonder, “Why did she do that.”

You see a corporate giant embezzle millions of dollars in a fraudulent deal. You shake your head in disbelief, “How could he have thought about such an elaborant scheme.”

You find out that your husband is having an affair with your neighbor. You sob, “What made him do this to me, our family, our home.”

This Human thing is nothing short of an epidemic.


We all try to do what’s right.  Our heart starts out with the best intentions.  Then we look back disappointed in something we said to someone, the way we acted with conflict, or just doing something wrong.

We can’t believe we acted so out of character.

We feel guilty. We beat ourselves up inside.  

Eventually we feel dirty and sinful.  From then it’s just a matter of time until our self-worth fades along with the joyful pep in our step and the smile on our face.


But all is not lost.

You can increase your happiness quotient even in the worst of our humanness.

Let us breathe in and out relaxing as we take a moment to open up in our mind’s eye the possibility of understaning some universal truths that will take you from miserable to magnificent.

The major cause of our sorrow is the erroneous belief that we or anyone else is expected to be perfect.

In reality, the human element means that as a soul we are placed in a body that has urges, hungers, and desires that are often lead by impulse, poor judgment, and various other influences.

We make these decisions as part of the process of growing and learning the lesson of love.

We then crucify and penalize ourselves and everyone in our path for this only flaw: being human.

We become guarded, bitter, closed, and resentful of mistakes made by us and to us.

If we can realize that life is about learning to love, forgive, and help each other grow, we can take this ‘human stuff’ less seriously and enjoy the ups and downs of the journey.

If we were perfect, we wouldn’t be here.  Earth life is tough.

Celebrate the fact that each morning you have another opportunity to do a little better than yesterday.

It’s important to realize; the lessons are never easy and the mistakes are part of living.


Next week:  The Villain In Your Life and How to Defeat It.

Love always,


April of Course





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