Hitting The Mark Of Good Parenting

Hitting The Mark Of Good Parenting

June 17, 2017 0 By April Kirkwood

The Greek word hamartia (ἁμαρτία) is usually translated as sin in the … or “to miss the target” which was also used in Old English archery. … The original word for sin simply means to be unaware, or unmindful, of the life you are.


I was walking on the beach some years ago when a lady came up and stated, “You know there is someone behind you watching every move you make.”  I was a bit startled and the sun was brilliantly shining down so I squinted  and looked behind. Sure enough there was this adorable little girl imitating my walk, my gestures, my movements.  I gazed down and smiled at my daughter only three years old at the time not realizing how significant this stranger’s message was.

Now, years later with two grown children, I watch as they go out into the world trying to be brave and strong.  I admit it is hard for me to look at them as adults wondering where the years went. As I see them stumble, fall, and get up again, I see myself in their

I have made so many mistakes or have sinned – which to me- implies only that I was unaware and missed the mark.  If I am damned to a life of torment and hell, it is in relation to seeing what my mistakes have influenced by children.


TEN Ugly Realities about Parenting

What we do as young parents does influence our children’s adult lives.

  1. Adult kids fight to be completely opposite of their parents. It doesn’t work!
  2. No babies come with directions.
  3. Each child is completely unique from their siblings.
  4. Child learn by watching not by listening.
  5. Children fell the same as adults but cannot process information as adults.
  6. Some traits are inherited….perhaps from previous lives.
  7. Sad to say, they come predestined with lessons to learn and challenges to meet and there isn’t much we can do to deter them from their path.
  8. It is said that they choose us, not the other way around.  (I use that one all of the time when they are upset at me.)
  9. Love is the only healer.

Most importantly, remember that sin is only missing the mark, failing to understand due to ignorance not evil.  We can always  do better, be better and most importantly, children are quite forgiving.  They love their parents even when they should logically trade us in for better ones; they don’t.


Most importantly, it’s never too late to get it right.

Love and Light,

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