Why it’s Good to Fall; Just Watch Beyonce

Why it’s Good to Fall; Just Watch Beyonce

September 30, 2014 0 By April Kirkwood


It happens to all of us!

Even Divas!

Even in front of the entire world!

Just imagine a moment where all eyes are on you.

 You feel like you’ve got this and it’s your time to shine. You’re pumped up, confident, and ready to show your best to the lovers and the haters.

All of a sudden your worst nightmare comes true.  You fall flat on your face.  Whether it’s a corporate presentation, meeting your future in-laws, or an intimate moment with your dream come true.

It’s ok.  Just remember the queen of sisterhood, Beyonce and watch the videos of her stumble, tumble, roll, and recovery on YouTube at a recent concert and she got up off her ass and kept moving.  What a diva of the best kind; one that does what it takes to make it happen.

So, here’s why falling on your face is ok and not just ok but a real benefit to you the rest of your life.

1.  It’s a wake up call.

A puffed up head makes you top heavy and less beautifully charming then you truly are.  Pipe down princess, no one is perfect. A healthy does of failure keeps us all in check.

2. You become more likable.

America loves to support the underdog.  We support a come back with a forgiving smile and an old college pat on the back.  You gain the support and respect of some who would have never given you the chance otherwise.

3.  You gain inner strength.

The ability to get back up and keep moving in the face of failure, embarrassment, and possible rejection takes balls of steel.  These are the times that separate the mediocre from the great and you are one of the victors of what you just experienced.  Kudos.

4.  You find out who your friends are.

Like the country song, ‘who will come out and get you when you run out of gas in the middle of the night;’ you find out who are your friends. Nixon said, ‘if you have one good friend in your life, consider yourself lucky.’  After Watergate, he had to face us all on national television and he survived.  I’m sure he spoke with experience about who stayed by his side, in the face of his mistakes, and who fled to the other team.

5. You realize life goes on.

The morning always follows even the darkest night and you will have to get up and keep moving.  Well, perhaps a few days crying in bed under the covers wont’ hurt; but you will have to return to the real world.  Be brave.  Gather your inner lion and roar.  It’ll feel good, I promise…eventually.

Now get back out there and give them all you’ve got!

I wish Beyonce a speedy recovery.  I’m sure she is sore as hell.



April of Course

The girl who tells you the truth about love no matter how much it hurts.



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