A Fun Guide To Understanding Political Terms And Love.

A Fun Guide To Understanding Political Terms And Love.

March 15, 2016 0 By April Kirkwood

LAS VEGAS, NV - OCTOBER 13: Journalists check out the debate stage during a walk-through before the Democratic Presidential candidates arrive for their CNN Facebook Democratic Debate this evening at the Wynn Las Vegas on October 13, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Democratic presidential candidates are schedule to be participating in the party's first presidential debate. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

As we watch the debates, town halls, interviews, and campaign ads, let’s learn what the terms mean in terms of love.  For a while at least, the world of romance seems easier to understand than today’s politics.



Getting to the heart of the matter!

Campaign – One person pursuing another’s affections.  Usually includes expensive dinners, flowers, long talks and a lot of bull shit.



Bipartisan –  after a fight a couple sits down and tries to come up with an agreement.  Sometimes each give a little to stay together.

Caucusgirls getting together to discuss if a guy is good enough for one of their  closest pals.

Convention – a guy goes to his girl’s family and formally ask for her hand in marriage.

Dark HorseDidn’t think she’d ever pick him or vice aversa aka ‘No one saw that one coming!’

Demagogue the bully that uses fear, hatred, and greed to prove his point of view.

Fence Mendingafter you get caught cheating you run home and try to explain why it wasn’t your fault or it wasn’t what you saw.

Filibuster talking your way out of shit.

Fishing Expedition checking texts, face book, and car mileage and any other method to see if they are cheating.


Front Burnergetting in your face so you must fess up.

Grass Rootsnot buying on line!

Ideologywhy you will never be good enough in her parents’ eyes.

Lame duckthe breakup is really over.  You can party and sleep with whoever you choose.

Lobbypeer influence to buy into their beliefs and behaviors.

Machine Politicsthe popular crowd, the office kiss ups, the mob who would do anything to get in good with the boss.

Muckraker the gossip who only looks for the dirt on others.


Political suicide cheating on your partner, losing your home gambling, sexual addition, drug addiction.

Rubber Chicken Circuitall of the games people play to stay popular.

Spin the lies and gross exaggerations we tell someone so they are impressed with us.

Stumpmeeting a person for coffee rather then chatting on line or the phone.

Whip the friend that is in control of the group aka the leader of the pack or the alpha.

Witch Hunt a vindictive pissed off woman.


Let freedom ring!

Learning tool:  reserach shows that making mental connections help in deciphering new terms and philosphies. 

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Educator, speaker, motivator, coach, and Author of Big Girls Do Cry (more help with L O V E)! 

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