FIVE reasons women get USED by MEN!

FIVE reasons women get USED by MEN!

October 16, 2014 0 By April Kirkwood


Women get used by MEN all of the time.

How does that happen in today’s world of smart chicks like you?

It’s happened to all of us and I’m afraid it will happen again if we don’t take action to change the way we act towards men.

A friend calls me sobbing.  I can hardly hear what she is saying over the sniffles and coughs.   Her man of two years has been seeing someone new. The ‘one’ who she thought was perfect.  The ‘one’ she opened up her heart to.  The guy who has a key to her place not just her heart.  She lent him cash when he was short, and even shared the expenses to a vacation in South Beach only six months ago.  Of course, she freaks out and is crushed and I don’t blame her.  After all, I have had a regular room at The Heartbreak Hotel myself. Do you know where I’m coming from here? Can you feel her pain?

So, WHY did this stuff happen to nice girls who just want to be in a loving, long term relationship?

The five reasons we girls get used by MEN:

  1. The media has somehow made us feel INFERIOR  constantly comparing us to the likes of the Heidi Klums’ of the world so we  feel the need to give more,  feeling we need to earn love, content to settle for scraps of attention.
  2. Women want to BELIEVE in romance so when the heart takes over the brain we become naive as if we were reading Cinderella for the first time when he comes a calling.  So charmed by the idea of love, we cling to and support the things our man says and does.  We say to ourselves, “well, if I love him, I need to trust him; anything else can’t be love.”  The truth is being in love and being dumb are not synonymous.
  3. We have as a group of feminine spirits voluntarily given away our POWER by sleeping with them too soon and not asking for respect and NOT immediately moving on when we don’t get it.
  4. We have MODELED  and been conditioned by the only group of people we know, our family.  A group of well intentioned women who have been miserable as they modeled previous generations in the quest of being called a good wife, mother, companion, lover. A model often rooted in fantasy and unrealistic ideals that any sane person would call ludicrous.
  5. Men, darling boys at heart, are natural HUNTERS which means a luscious little waif like you that is willing to give it up is irresistible to their scent and is fun while they continue on their way of trysts and adventures calling it all, a good time.

WHO’s FAULT is it?

Our OWN!


FIVE things you can do to STOP checking into the HeartBreak Hotel:

  1. FIND some spiritual core to reconnect with your truly, magnificent ‘Divine Self’ that has a deep knowing of who you are and how much love you deserve.
  2. WRITE down any crazy messages in your head, burn those babies, and erase the bullshit you’ve been taught and learned from our culture.
  3. KNOW that men do this kind of stuff and get wise but NOT BITTER.  Bitter is never better or attractive.
  4. LISTEN to your friends and family; they have a wider lens to see the guy for who he is and who he isn’t.
  5. Repeat Daily:  I deserve a healthy love and respect my heart by making wise choice. (Twitter it.)

Love Always,


April of Course – ex member of Heartbreak Hotel Club, it’s not that exclusive that I want to be a part of it any longer.

Check out and Don’t ever go back!


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