Finding YOUR Joy In The Chaos Of Religion

Finding YOUR Joy In The Chaos Of Religion

June 21, 2017 0 By April Kirkwood
I think we get confused about religion and what life is supposed to be. The spiritual books can clutter it all in our consciousness….from being told we are born in darkness all the way to the idea that we actually create anything at all we desire. Both to me seem a bit exaggerated and depressing.

On some level each choice makes us feel guilty as hell.
If we are born sinners, what’s the use in fighting what is in us?  And, what did we do to deserve such a curse that is part of my being?
If we are creators of our own world, then some of us feel like really crappy creators only leading to another sort of guilt and self-loathing!
Instead I propose another way to get through the dust to dust, sinner repent, the sky is the limit chaos:

1.  We do come in form which means we are perfectly flawed.

2.  We chose to come here to work on those flaws.

3.  We orchestrated this not to cause pain, which is part of the process, but to learn and evolve into higher energy beings.

4.  We are free to create our reactions to life’s highs and lows which could can from every DSM diagnosis available.

5.  Or, we can live in a state of watchfulness, quiet, bliss thereby removing ourselves from the crazy emotions that cause us stress and confusion.

6.  That is the part of the creative choice.

7.  The rest is part of the plan, part of your decisions, part of living as co-creator of who you are and what you want to accomplish.


PS:  No matter where you are, you are ok.  Own it, watch it, and ride it through.

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