Finding Your Heart’s Longing, Map Included

Finding Your Heart’s Longing, Map Included

December 15, 2014 0 By April Kirkwood

As you and I go through the stages of our lives, we continually fixate on and often achieve what we think at that particular moment what will make us ultimately happy. We end up trying on several hats:


Classroom president, head cheerleader, college graduate, religious saint, community volunteer, life of the party, married with children, celebrity/starlet, retirement with the good life…the list is as diverse as a google search.

But still there seems to be a gaping hole in even what most of society would label a ‘successful’ life.

corazones hechos con mapas

Do you know what your heart’s longing truly is?

It’s huge but it doesn’t cost a dime.

It has Love but encompasses much more then that.

It is as unique to each of us as our finger print.

So, what is each one of us searching for?


The Light!

The LIGHT isn’t just love but those with the ‘light’ seem to possess a deep connection and love for everything in their lives.

The LIGHT isn’t just creativity but certainly many scholars swear that their works are divinely inspired.

The LIGHT isn’t a relationship however, those with ‘light’ prove a blessing to those they meet.

The LIGHT isn’t wisdom, but those who shine have a silent understanding and knowing about the secrets of life.

What is the Light?

The light is an energy that fuels you to move, get up, face the day with optimism, puts that spring in your step, and inspires you to be your very best without asking for anything back except the joy of the process in and of itself.

The effects of connecting to the light are:

You are driven to complete not compete.

Time goes by like the speed of light.

Your eyes are not on the outcome but the process.

There is an unexplainable peace about you that cannot be compared to any other experience.

How do each of us find our personal Light?

1.  Watch as an observer checking in and noticing what lights up your face aka touches your core, brightens your being? (Those activities you would do for free if only given the opportunity.)

2.  What in that list harms no one?( If anything you do hurts another, it can’t give you the light and energy you seek.)

3.  What in that list nourishes your unique gift to the world? (You were sent here to do a very special chore that no one else can do but you.)


May you find your light and remove all of the senseless things we all do trying to find it in places that will never fully fulfill you!

Best of all, when the other things like romance, sex, rock and roll come your way; you can play and enjoy those parts of your life knowing that they are only PARTS not the entire package.

You and Your Connection to the Light is the Package.


April of Course

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