What Men Can Learn From Watching Fifty Shades of Grey!

What Men Can Learn From Watching Fifty Shades of Grey!

February 18, 2015 0 By April Kirkwood


The fastest selling book series in the history of publisher Random House, fifty Shades, often dubbed “mummy porn”, sold 27 million copies in the UK and Commonwealth countries, over 45 million copies in the US.

 What’s all the fuss about?

What is in this novel that has females not only buying the book, swooning over it,openly discussing it as well as fantasizing about it while she’s doing you?

And why haven’t you read it gentlemen?


If I were a guy, which I’m not, I’d be damned interested in knowing what’s on those pages that is turning the heads and bottoms of females everywhere into juicy morsels wanting more then she gets from you in the bedroom.

What are you afraid of guys?

 Maybe it’s the truth!

Five Truths about the phenomenon of Ten Shades Men need to Face :

  1.  You aren’t all that in the bedroom and it has nothing to do about size! Duh!

  2. We don’t tell you because we love you.

  3. We are a lot more adventurous than you realize as we realize that your ego is bigger than the parts we’re talking about.

  4. We want you to be more direct and even a bit more domineering in a way that is charming, not shallow or demonstrative. 

  5. We desire more excitement in our lives though you might not catch us watching porn like you do.


Five things You Don’t Realize about us?

  1. We are just as bored doing you as you are doing us.

  2. Intro’s like, “Can we do it tonight?” is not a turn on.

  3. Going from one extreme to another just shows us how fake you are.

  4. We can fake organisms but you can’t fake being HOT.

  5. Buying us won’t last forever.

Now get your asses out there and watch or rent the movie.  We know some of you don’t like to put yourself out by actually reading so this is making it easy for you.

Last Note:  Making love starts in between the ears not the legs.  It is a mental trip.  If creating that is too much effort for you to make then you don’t deserve the wonderful woman who is waiting for an erotic adventure she desires to share with you alone.  Shame on YOU.


PS:  Take notes, you can do better!

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