Easy Tips On How To Get Respect At Your Job

Easy Tips On How To Get Respect At Your Job

November 14, 2018 0 By April Kirkwood


How to Get Respect At YOUR Job

“Working, working and working day and night.”

You know the song!

But what happens when you do your work and try your best and you get nothing back?

It sucks, right!

Research states that although we say we want to work for the Benjamins,  healthcare benefits, retirement benefits, childcare, vacation, and job security.  However, the real reason that people work is to feel respected, make a difference, and have a strong sense of self.

No respect on the job, is therefore, a major problem.

When  people don’t feel respected on the job, most people make matters worse by digging their heels with a negative attitude and shutting down.

Counselor Tip:  If you do not like authority, that could be a flag for someone who has experience early childhood trauma.

But either way, everyone needs money to survive. I’ve found there are three ways  to get money. Either you’re going to inherit it, you’re going to steal it,  or you’re going to work for it. So let’s face it, if you’re not inheriting it because you’re not a trust fund baby, then you have to get up every day and go to work like everybody else. I’m not saying it’s easy. When you’re at work, you have a mirage of people thatyou have to deal with:

There’s your boss’s boss’s under those bosses.There are also coworkers, as well as employees a little bit lower on the totem pole that may just be eyeing your position. The bosses families may be working there and it may be,um, a little bit political.You say that doesn’t happen? It happens everywhere ladies and gentlemen.  Let’s not forget the gossips, the cut throats and those who just don’e like themselves or anyone else.

I’m going to tell you four simple ways  to get  R E S P E C T in the work place.

 1.  Speak Up. Let your voice be known. Anytime you have a meeting,  make at lease one comment. Now, when you make a comment, always thank the person who was talking a proceeding you, and if someone says anything always respond with a “thank you very much.”or your welcome.or your boss might say, that’s a good point. You continue by saying, “thank you or you’re welcome. I’m glad I could do it. I have a lot more ideas.” Interject some of them.  Even if you don’t have any ideas, try to come up with some comment.  Or even ask a question.  You’ve got to make yourself present.

2. Be polite.  You get more bees with honey than you do vinegar. You’re working eight to 10 hours with the same group of people every day. You’re human. Once again, it gets crazy, especially if projects don’t go right or you’re not making as much money or you have personal issues like a sick baby at home.  Your boss might have someone in their life that is terminally ill.  Maybe their wife is cheating on them and they just found out.

3.  Know others’ job descriptions.  A great employee is always figuring out what other people are doing and if they should leave, how are you going to manage? Because in the real world, you only really account for yourself and and people come and go enjoys.  Be alert and learn what others are doing.  It will come in handy down the line.

Career Counseling tip: More people get fired not because they don’t do a job well, but because they aren’t well liked.

4.  Respect the secretary. don’t ask a secretary to do something that is not her job. A lot of secretaries run the whole Shebang, so don’t ever underestimate a secretary. When you’re going for an interview or you’re sitting out there talking, they are always listening and a good secretary always is there to support her supervisor or her boss. That’s where her bonuses come from. That’s where her vacations come from.That’s where her retirement comes from and hopefully they’re not working as an actual couple.

PS:  If you get the job, don’t ever ask a secretary to do something that is not her job.

A question I always get is, “How do I get to talk to my boss?” If someone wants to talk to you or you want to talk to someone, the number one way to get someone is to ask, “Do you have time to talk tomorrow? Or is this a bad time to make an appointment?”

5.  Time Management Tips. Most executives who are talking to people especially subordinates will only give them 15 minutes of their time.

Be the boss of yourself and manage your day more effectively.  if someone pops in reply, “I’m really busy. I got about 15 minutes. Do you have 15 minutes tomorrow that we could share some ideas?”

This is an excellent way to keep on track with your own  responsibilities.

Next, always block off time in your calendar where everybody knows you’re working. You don’t owe anybody an explanation for every minute of your day. Most people work better alone.  If you fall into that category, it’s exceedingly important to do this.  Sometimes it’s not going to work, but set the precedent and remember it will happen eventually.

 Use your vacation and personal time.  If you need personaltime go through the correct channels and take it. Nobody’s going to give you a badge of honor if you never use your personal days or your vacation days. A lot of companies have policies in place stating that  if you don’t use them within the year, you don’t use it, you lose it. No one’s going to think you’re great for not taking a vacation in three years. They’re going to think you’re really like stupid. Seriously.

 Be Your OWN PR Person. Know, your colleagues’ names. Find out what they like to do. Small talk is always safer.  I have made this mistake. I know a lot of women who have made this mistake. Don’t get too involved. That’s called boundaries and it’s a must in the world of work. In short, the more you get involved with people’s personal crap,, the bigger hole you did for yourself. Because once you know too much for some reason, it usually doesn’t bring people closer. It makes people feel uncomfortable because you know too much. So less is more. Avoid Gossiping at all. If  they’re with you  chatting about them; they’ running their mouths them about you. I know it’s easy to  gossip, because  it makes you feel like you’re part of the group. You feel like you’re in the inside of all of this. It usually backfires all of the time.

No Gossiping.

 Take the Defense. If you notice at meetings that someone near you always seems to claiming rights on ideas learn to shut your mouth around them.  Also, make sure you lock your desk.

Dress for the job no the cover of G.Q or Cosmo.  You’ve heard this a million times from your school counselor me dress for the job

you want, but don’t dress too good. And in fact, some places, if you look too good,  it works against you. There is a corporate

personality to a company and it includes the way they dress, the way they talk, whether they’re Democrat or Republican, whether they’re liberal, whether they’re all drunks, whether they’re all sports nuts. If you can’t or don’t want anyone to play it their way, don’t work there.I don’t want anyone to be unnatural. But if you can’t go with that flow a little bit, why are you staying there? I mean, you’re going to have to realize come to grips with who you really eventually.  It’s important to be happy and to do that you need to  be true to yourself.  If you don’t want to wear a suit, why would you pick a career that you want to wear a suit? I once knew somebody that worked for a television company and they did the news, but they didn’t want to talk to anybody. Not, not a good match.

Some of what we’ve discussed here you will not going in the door for the first time. The personalities and the inner workings of an office are very different than the window front that they portray. And that’s okay. Everybody had also, there’s times when the companies will change, stay awake for those.  It’s not unusual for corporate to get rid of both the team leader and their entire department.

The plan for getting along at work is:

 Talk to people in right doses.  Too little and your’e a snob or inadequate.  Too much and you are a braggart and pushy.

Be respectful and polite.

Dress like the rest of you.

Walk like the rest of the company.

Talk like the rest of the company.

Oh, by the way, subscribe and also let me know how you feel. Make some comments right below you got questions about your job.

And remember, you are a spiritual being and you are supposed to be

happy while you’re learning these lessons. Don’t take it too

seriously. As you can see, I don’t. Life goes by in a flash. Do the

best you can and walk on again.

I love you,

I praise you.

I appreciate you.

You are God’s child. Great things happen to you.

Nothing can stop it.

You are put on this earth to do a special job. Find it and whatever it is, it’s not about the money. It’s about doing the best you can and about loving almost every minute of it.  Some bad days are going to happen. That’s just reality.

Talk to you soon.

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