Bruce and Kris Split.. Divorce Celebrity Style – Is It For You?

Bruce and Kris Split.. Divorce Celebrity Style – Is It For You?

October 10, 2014 0 By April Kirkwood

And they lived happily after ever “together,” “broken up”!



Celebrity Divorces

Have you ever known someone or perhaps you yourself have gone through a divorce?

I bet you have.

After all, the statistics say that 50 percent of all marriages will end in divorce.  That includes a lot of us! Still, we know it’s traumatic and it takes a while to recover. No one walks down the aisle thinking it won’t last; not if they have a brain that is!

However, there is a new breed of divorce behaviors on the rise.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin Divorce

For example, the stunning Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, broke up, made it public, then moved into a larger home with separate wings for privacy under the term – Conscious Uncoupling.  Last I heard, they’re dating again.

Perhaps the opposite of an ‘open marriage’ is an ‘open divorce’? A reminder that most open marriages don’t usually work!

Then today we hear that Kris Kardashian and Bruce Jenner have finally filed for divorce but they will rejoin the cast for yet another loving year of Kasdashian drama as one big happily divorced family!

What is a divorce, then, of not an excuse to have your cake and eat it to?

Divorce is by definition a verb (involving action) which is

a.  to end marriage with spouse

b.  to dissolve marriage contract

Both mean an completion, no more, that’s it.

Divorce is NOT:

  • I can sleep with you and others too.
  • We keep up the lie we’ve been living for a while now.
  • We will make up the rules as we go.
  • The kids are confused because so are we.

Confused Woman2_New


Divorce is:

  • The exhaustion of every effort and a mutual end to a commitment now detrimental to our growth individually and as a family.
  • Cancellation of legal duties
  • Separation of finances and property
  • Cancellation of  emotional responsibilities to spouse
  • Public cancellation of commitment
  • Joint care of children involved
  • Respect for the past and hope for kindness in the future

Sad as it may seem, the blurred lines of love and the dedication to another gets more and more convoluted as Hollywood once again sets the rest of us looking through smoked glass and dimmed lights of glamour and wealth wondering what a divorce should be.

In a painful situation, I need some clear cut guidelines during a time that I am not on broken, confused, and lost in a heartache that he and I would be forever an item.

If we must divorce, let’s do it clean and swift so we can move on.

Isn’t that the point anyway?

And of course, what about the kids? But that’s another conversation, another day!

Love always,

April of Course

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