The Deadly Mistake Of Romantic Coaching Sites

The Deadly Mistake Of Romantic Coaching Sites

June 15, 2017 0 By April Kirkwood

So you want a relationship?

You want to find a mate to share your life with?

It’s normal and natural to desire love.

The world is made by love, with love, for love.

But where do you go for help in this matter?

There are sites everywhere.

The tell you how to walk, talk, think, and a host of other techniques to help you find someone.  Hook someone.  Seduce Someone!

Does it work?


So if it works why would I think following their advice is worst possible thing you can do in your life?

Several reasons the top I will list here for you to stop and think before you follow down the path of romantic conquests:

  • You are putting on a facade which is not you.
  • If you don’t know who you are, how in the heck will you ever know anyone else.
  • You are not giving someone the opportunity to find out just how marvelous you are.
  • Like Fake News – ‘Fake’ You always gets called out in the end.
  • You can’t discover what you want being an image for someone else. 
  • Modeling behavior that is unnatural will eventually be found out and you will look transparent, shallow, and send them running the other way.
  • You are not cultivating the best of yourself.
  • Likes attract likes- what are you acting like?
  • If you aren’t baring your true beautiful flawed self how will anyone get to really know you.
  • The weird thing is that we attract what we put forth:  shallow with shallow, sincere with sincere, players versus players.
  • More disappointments like this only perpetual loneliness, low self-esteem, and sorrow.


Find your best self for your best life and I promise

love will come.

Life coaching is an option as well as journaling, creative outlets, reading, and being in nature is a great start.

In your world, get rid of anything that is fake…that means your views, actions, thoughts, persona.

Be true to you!

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