Why You Can’t Find Lasting Love

September 12, 2014 0 By April Kirkwood

Why You Can't Find Lasting love

So many women I speak with are exhausted by the thought of having to try a new love. They’ve been hurt and mortally wounded and many women have completely shut down. If they do go out on a date, they are guarded, sensitive, and critical of themselves and any potential partners.

Have you noticed that even some of your most elegant friends and who have so much going for them have just thrown in the towel and would rather wash their hair on a Saturday then go on a first date again?

But let’s face it, it’s lonely!

Or have you yourself been coming up with every excuse afraid to open up your heart, your being, your soul because the cost of another loss might just be an emotional TKO once and for all?

Maybe you’re just not available to the thought of letting someone else in.

I’ve been there, girls.  It’s challenging to feel anything but afraid after a loss of a love or perhaps as in my case, quite a few disappointments in my romantic life. Especially in the fast paced world we live in, it’s tempting to give up on love altogether. After all, we have given up so much energy and time already, it feels easier to skip it.  But then you are alone.  

However, you aren’t alone.

It’s crucial for us to nurture each other, our family, our friends to go back out there and reclaim what is our right – a healthy love that lasts a life time. My intention is to educate you how what may be going on with your love life and create a platform for your healing, recovery,  building a foundation for a new vibrant outlook on yourself, men, and romance.

I believe love is calling us with a renewed energy and openness to meet our beloved and dance again in the arms of romance. (tweet that)

In order to be ready for your beloved, the one that is waiting for you, I want …

  • you to know what imprinting is
  • you to see what is looks like in your love life
  • you feel how the cycle you are in
  • you to have the tools stop the inner child who is attracting you to the ‘Wrong Men’
  • you to create a sacred space for healing

I invite you to learn about this Virtual Lust and Romance Imprinting 101 Transformation.

It’s my honor and pleasure for me to host this Imprinting 101 virtual workshop nurturing your inner child so you can let gently take her hand, let her go, and create a positive new way of feeling, thinking, and acting to draw into your life the love you desire and deserve.


April of Course

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