What’s Wrong with the ‘Art of Seduction’ and Why It Can’t Get You Lasting Love!

September 22, 2014 1 By April Kirkwood

Why the ‘Art of Seduction’ is flawed!


You’ve read the books of how to get him to love you, how to make him commit, and how to keep him intoxicated with you long after the sun has come up and the flowers have withered….And I can testify to many of the skills love ‘experts’ like Royi Raye preach about.

And although I totally get what she’s selling, I don’t feel comfortable as a counselor guiding you down that path.  Yes, everyone can learn how to act and what behaviors get certain results.  Yes, even us ladies can be trained to walk the walk and talk the talk to entice our man of choice.

Just read my book, Big Girls Do Cry, and see what I did for a fantasy life. I must say, I tried it and gotten results.  Honestly, you have probably driven a fool  or two daffy yourself.  Let’s face it, if applied well, you can turn your desired object of affection into a love sick pup without him even realizing you’ve taken him outside to pee instead of doing his business on the cozy puppy pads in the hallway next to his treats.

It sounds so powerful and exciting doesn’t it waving your wand of femininity around like a toy in the schoolyard of life!

But, is that how you really want your love life to be – a love life full of medieval bullshit, manipulating, enchanting, subtly persuading another human being into submission calling it ‘true love.’

Please just for a few minutes, stop taking notes from the likes of Rori Raye and Hope Solo and think with your cognitive brains about what you are actually doing to whom and how you are going about getting ‘the one’.

Just to be kind and play devil’s advocate in the words of Dr. Phil, ‘how’s that working for you?  If you’ve worked your cunning sexual power the right way, why hasn’t it worked out for you for the long haul til ‘death do us part’? The end of the story we’ve read all of the pages to get to.  It’s the place where two people are safe, kind, and genuinely would rather be with each other then anyone else on the planet. The place where you have years of fond memories and still glisten when you see each other walk into a room.

Let me tell you ladies, my worst fears have happened and I’m betting the farm on this one you have had it happened to you.

I created the intention through positive affirmations and the rest of it and got him to to fall for me, commit to me, and be there 24 seven long days a week, a year, several years…actually having to be with him!

Bingo, you wake up exhausted by the cruel joke you’ve played on yourself and him and figured it out:  You got him…now he’s not the one you want!

So, listen up my girls…

This is why the art of seduction isn’t working for you and never will:

  • A man that falls for a ‘fake you’ leads to a ‘fake love’ that will never last.
  • You won’t be able to keep up the charade forever then you will look like a stranger in his eyes.
  • He will figure it out eventually and you may actually lose the love of your life.
  • When he does get to the truth, the trust will be gone.  No trust = no love.
  • You will have prevented him from having the opportunity to meet the real, adorable soul you truly are!
  • It’s a lose/lose.

The cold hard truth is that the art of seduction is as as fake as  a plastic flower.  When the flower gets too close to the fires of real life it will disintegrate burning quickly. Then you my friend will be left with nothing but ashes of smelly disgust and heartache that won’t ever be able to be glued back together again. All relationships have their ups and downs but starting out with ‘backing that thang up’, ‘getting your groove on’, and ‘lace thongs gone wild’ won’t get you to where you want to be… walking with him on the beach and meeting your grandkids for lunch at that cafe by the inner coastal.


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