Is Love Your Dope To Cope?

Is Love Your Dope To Cope?

December 30, 2014 0 By April Kirkwood

 What’s Your Addiction?


Oh, yes, I’m talking to YOU!

I just love it when I mention addiction in a mixed crowd; add to that, words like heroin, cocaine….and watch people physically curl back and shrink in horror.  The room quiets as they order a double, check their texts, or light up.  Anything to change the conversation back to ‘normal,’ ‘respectable.’ and ‘safe.’

It’s at these moments, I wish I had that famous magic mirror that reveals both the ugly and wondrous truths about our genuine selves. The selves we hide in shame from one another in the dark shadows of our core essence.


It is said by many theorists that we are ALLaddicted to something. And to go further than this, gulp….we learn our addictions startingearly in life and of course, family has a lot to do with it.


In individual Different Orders of Importance:

(If one won’t satisfy, we go to the next one down….until we find comfort from our heartache, self-loathing, and fears.)


Money, Power




Relationships (Love)


Answer these questions with one of the above addictions:

1.  In stress, which one of these most often comfort you? What do you reach for first?

2.  In happiness, which one of these do you celebrate with? What do you reach for first?

3.  In which one of these do you have the most negative issues with? What have friends and family comments been?

4.  In which one of these which one do YOU very feel uncomfortable when it is missing in your life? Which one has messed most with your life goals?

And So We Turn To Look At The LOVE Addict:


The Relationship (LOVE) Addict is one that  jumps from one person to another often having several going on at the same time.  When on the verge of a break up, this individual is already on the hunt for the next warm set of arms. This is their ultimate ‘feel’ good crutch against the blows of the world.

Serial daters and serial cheaters are synonymous terms for love addicts.

They fall in love and out of love too quickly.

They refer to each new interest as ‘the one.’

Their love relationships often cause divorce, legal issues, financial loss, embarrassment to family, and employment problems.

Friends and family often say, “Who is it this week?”  or “You are in LOVE with LOVE.”

When they are not involved with anyone, they freak out! They can’t stand to be alone.

Men love addicts are perceived as hounds, dogs, creeps, and players.

Women love addicts are often called needy, dramatic, a clinger, desperate, or nuts!


In closing, we all have addictions even in LOVE.   We all need help.  We all need to be less judgmental of the homeless drug users on the street and be mindful that every roof has a leak.

Even your house!

Let’s get healthy.  Let’s look at ourselves.  If you do,  you will have no time whatsoever to even glance at anyone else.  We’ve got work to do.  Happiness awaits if we can rid ourselves from the clutches of addiction.

What’s my top three addictions?

 Oh, wouldn’t you like to know.


Giggle, giggle, giggle.

As always,

April of Course

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