LADIES, are you a She-Wolf?

LADIES, are you a She-Wolf?

October 17, 2014 0 By April Kirkwood


I’v been looking around and thinking a lot about us women lately. I’ve noticed that there are some mighty big changes happening right under our noses: we are living longer, working longer, and managing to stay in the mainstream without a lot of mentors because quite frankly, they didn’t live as long and weren’t out so publicly as we are today. We are thriving in great numbers and it is because our true essence is now coming out without asking for permission or approval from others.

We are bravely running with our inner soul exposed the darkest and the brightest without asking for forgiveness for who we truly are.

To continue this empowerment, it is vital for us to remember that we are SHE-WOLVES and nourish this base nature of our souls because we are the mentors for our daughters and the new age of feminine power smashing the pavement of societies that have kept us locked up hiding in shame for who we are for so long..

We are here now out of our caves, unafraid no longer hider in our solitude and we are NOT going away.

As a role model, I planned a trip with my 30 year old daughter, Dana, to attend a weekend  at The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York,  to learn more about “The Soul.”

My daughter whispered, “Mom, you taught me all of this already.”  I couldn’t help but beam as we sauntered on a break in the book store like it was Tiffany’s proud of my work as a pack leader for my children.

Then, a revelation:

Dana held up a book and said grinning like the goose who just laid the golden egg, “Mom, there’s the book you read over and over when I was little.”  Actually, I had totally forgotten about this old friend who had helped me through some very difficult moments in my life.  (Books do that you know.) My eyes gazed upon the title that seem to draw me in like a love song.

I ran and picked it up and hugged it like a lost friend and remembered the conversations it shared with me.  The book, Women Who Run With The Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.



A total flashback to all that I had learned within those pages.  My heart zoomed and soared and howled like a wolf as I bought it again and I am urged to howl and share my message with you hoping you can come out under the moon and yell as loud as you can knowing I too, am out there with you my friend…hearing your wild call of the spirit within you beckoning it’s recognition as part of your perfection.

I remembered I was a isolated wolf wandering and leading my pack of babies.

To my sister She Wolves, remember we MUST:

  • Eat

  • Rest

  • Rove in between

  • Render Loyalty

  • Love the children

  • Cavil in moonlight

  • Tune your ears

  • Attend to the bones

  • Make love

  • Howl often


Have a lovely day.  See you under the moon and listen for my voice for I will be right there next to you.


April of Course


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