WHY Adam Levine Is Having it Tough This New Season Of The Voice

WHY Adam Levine Is Having it Tough This New Season Of The Voice

February 28, 2015 0 By April Kirkwood


The Most Handsome Man in the World, lead singer of Maroon 5, married to Victoria Secret Model, Mr. Adam Levine, could be making a FATAL Mistake with his persona!

As I and millions of others sit, watch and twitter about the new season of The Voice 2015, I was NOT shocked that Adam DID NOT get his first or even second choices.

He seemed shocked as hell, bewildered, lost, and confused when pop, hip hop, wanna be mega stars often chose Pharrell, Christina, and Blake over the obvious choice-Mr. Adam Levine.


What happened?

Why is this season different for Adam? Is it the contestants? Christina’s presence? Blake’s winning record? Or is it that Adam is now married?


Adam is losing his edge because of these four very unappealing behaviors :

  1. He is arrogant.

  2. He is a braggart.

  3. He is too self-assured.

  4. His comments cross the lines from funny to bullying.

My advice for Adam and every other human who is too big for his britches:

“Pipe Down Princess

……everyone can be removed from the castle of popularity.


The bigger you are, the harder you fall.”


From a lady who loves you and thinks you are stunning, fabulous; do us all a favor:  Let us tell you…..you don’t need to say a thing. You had us at “Hello.

Love always,


April of Course


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