Why she acts so dramatic, so crazy? The women men love and can’t understand! Here’s the 411!

Why she acts so dramatic, so crazy? The women men love and can’t understand! Here’s the 411!

October 6, 2014 0 By April Kirkwood


You’re in love with her.

She’s part of your life but sometimes the girl just freaks out, over exaggerates, and creates chaos.

Believe me, I’ve seen fathers, boyfriends, husbands, friends, and children sit in bewilderment over some the of strange things that come out of the mouth of the females that hold their gaze.

It’s like a ghost has possessed them with odd, unreasonable thoughts and those around are left with the chill of isolation and emotional wreckage.

So, why are some chicks so freakin’nuts?

I can give you one word that constitutes what I would guess could be 75 percent of the reasons these girls act what many could label ‘unstable’ – Fathers.

Oh, you say, here we go with that Freudian crap again blaming the parents. Well, let me state for the record, Sigmund Freud had some great insights even in his most eccentric and bizarre moments.

Perhaps it takes the bizarre to understand the deep seated issues that rare their ugly heads throughout the adult lives of the females we love, we hate, we wonder about countless sleepless nights recounting events and conversations that seem unfounded and unfair.

And then, there is the here and now when I listen to countless men commenting about their divorced children, the women they left, and that no matter what, she’s a good Mom. They reassure friends, family members, new lovers and themselves that all is well with that bundle of ‘sugar and spice and everything nice.

For some men, the knowledge of knowing their offspring is being treated well by their Mothers gives them a sense of peace or at least a cause for rationalization to move with their own lives with less guilt.

Shame on you if you are one of those!

However, that’s only until they marry one of these girls, get disappointing news about their own daughters, watch their sons get broken in two with a wife that seems to be teetering on the edge, or worse.

Here’s the 411 guys:

did you know that a girl gets her strength from Daddy?


From Daddy, she feels loved, content, and strong enough to have a healthy self-esteem to protect herself in the world because of the great bond she has with a man that makes her feel safe, secure, and able to make good decisions about her relationships, her body, and her level of intimacy.

When a Dad is emotionally present in his little girl’s life she grows into a woman that is capable of caring for herself and others in a healthy way. She’s doesn’t need to be promiscuous, sexually seeking out surrogate males to fulfill the empty areas in her psyche that were never nurtured during those impressive developmental years of her personality development.

My guidance:

Single Guys:

the next time you meet a woman,ask her about her Dad.

Her history, comments, and feelings will reveal much more about who she really is then her shoes, her career, and her tastes in music. It might save you a lot of time trying to figure out who she is and if she is the girl that might be the wife you’re looking for.

Guys in relationships:

if you happen to be love with a woman who at times acts out in dramatic, crazy ways, just remember,

“Some man probably really let her down when she was a beautiful little girl.” Know that healing is possible and most of what is happening has nothing to do with her desire to have a relationship with you.

New Dads and fathers-to-be:

In that little hand that reaches up to you is a grown woman that will compare every other relationship to the one she has with you.

In summary, I often ended my radio shows with the phrase:

“The world is round and it all comes back to you.” but today, I say men, “A woman is well-rounded only in direct correlation to how a Dad makes her feel.”

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