4 Ways To Take Charge Of Change In Your Life

4 Ways To Take Charge Of Change In Your Life

July 11, 2015 0 By April Kirkwood

Change Is The Only Constant!


I am the absolutel worst at adapting to change.I admit it, I’m a work in progress.

I say good-bye to my daughter after a visit with her in Brooklyn and I sob on the way to the airport.  I leave Youngstown each fall, and like a leaf without the will to stay on the tree, I fall to pieces as I drive away from all that I know as home. In May, I say farewell to the Florida ocean now sure that I am an anchestor of Atlantis as the tears flow down my sunkissed cheeks.





I’d quite rather have a root canal than end anything. I’m one of those girls who have boxes of old tickets, faded photos, and trinkets of memories long ago. It’s still hard for me to wrap my head around the finality of some things in life….the ‘it’s over’ moment when there is no turning back.

At my age I should be used it, I’ve done it a few times. With a masters in counseling and a few hundred tmes I’ve listened to others going through crisis. I’ve done some studying to help with the newest change around the corner and found areas that have grounded me far too long making it harder than it has to be to face, adapt, and survive the inevitable.

Four Tips To Survive Change and Still Be OK


1. Unload Taking Full Responsibility.  Healthy individuals know what’s their fault and what isn’t.   They are in charge of THEIR own behavior, thoughts, and feelings.  They don’t point fingers blaming others for ruining their day, their life, their experience.

2.  Don’t Take It Personally.  Sometimes you get taken, get used, and are taken down.  These people are really a reflection of their character flaws not yours. Don’t spend time wondering why they had it out for you and how to handle it.  It’s their stuff….let it be theirs.

3.Stop Being A Psychic. Most of us do not have the gift of knowing how the ex is going to react, date, and recover.  Don’t waste your time trying to foretell what is going to happen.  It’s a waste to worry about the future when the present is waiting and willing to grab your energy and attention.

4.  Quit Living In The Past: Hoping you can go back and change things or re live them is a wish and is a fantasy. You can’t ride a horse looking backwards.  Accept your heartaches and think what you can do now so it doesn’t repete itself in your present.


Do you hear that? The breeze of change is approaching.

Get strong, handle it gracefully, and rule Change.












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