The Sad Truth of Microsoft’s CEO Comments: WHAT WOMEN SHOULD DO!

The words many men feel but don’t dare verbalize.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Comments

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s gaffe about women’s pay has not blown over yet.

At a women’s tech conference Thursday, Nadella said that women not asking for a raise is “good karma” and that “the system will give you the right raises as you go along.”


Someone who is doing good work will, in the long-term, be fairly compensated. “In the long term efficiency, things catch up,” he said.


 I’m not here to give him a tongue lashing though I could, but I am here to let you know that I think a lot of the male/female gender issues still are alive and thriving, though hiding under ground in men’s smoking lounges, strip clubs, and locker rooms.

Ladies, it’s time to take act NOW!


  • Forget the bastards.
  • Remember you only have control over yourself aka you can’t change others.
  • Work your ass off.
  • Make sure you deserve it.
  • Stand up and ask for what you want.
  • Most importantly:

STAND UP for you sisters in your community.  Be the change you want to see in others.

  • Don’t be jealous. You only inhibit your own success.
  • If you can’t say anything nice; shut the hell up.
  • Don’t use privilege, beauty, or swagger to get where you want.
  • Stop the gossip at your office door. (It’s not a pretty look for you)  Beside, if they are gossiping about them, you know you’re next to at the water cooler.
  • Don’t shit where you sleep.  AKA the first way to ruin your rep is to get down and dirty with a colleague.


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Why did I sound so harsh?  Because I love you and you should be making more money then most of the men you work for but perhaps, your Mother didn’t share these pearls of wisdom.

NOW, go out there and earn what you deserve!

PS:  A note to all bosses who still belong to the ‘good’old boy’ club:

Karma is alive and well and you WILL get yours!

So NAMASTE this Mr. Nadella-you seem to have gotten the idea of karma wrong.

Satya Nadella Delivers Opening Keynote At Microsoft Build Conference

Love always,


April of Course

April Kirkwood

April Kirkwood LPC holds two masters and is presently working in the mental health focussing on both women's issues as well as addiction. Her desire is to help others take the present, healing the past, and creating a wonderful tomorrow. Focus: child trauma, holistic methodology, sexual molestation and harassment.

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