How does he manipulate you into thinking he is ‘the one?’

It’s a simple formula called

The MIRROR Principle!


“Mirror, mirror, on the wall,

just wait and see how I get her

to fall.”

Your romance started out so perfectly.  You both seemed so right for each other – you both loved animals, long walks on the beach, and Taco Bell.  You just couldn’t help falling for him.  And then there was the  great sex; yes, you didn’t wait long but why when he was so attentive and tender.

About one year later, he is bitching because ‘YOUR’ dog peed on his shoe, he wants to stay in and watch football (something he never brought up before) and complains because you aren’t always home making dinner when he once bragged about your professional aspirations and thought you were chic for the way you had such lofty goals.

What in the hell happened?

Night in shining armor turns into nightmare!

He trapped you into giving him your heart and everything else by employing


The mirror principle is easily implemented and orchestrated with a bit of practice by:

  • Setting his sights on his soon to be love of his life. (you have become his object of desire)
  • Listening intently like a puppy on your every word. (Do you really need another pet!)
  • Digesting your core and recording it like a movie.
  • Spitting it back at you and mimicking your thoughts, feelings, hopes, and fears sharing that they are his exact thoughts, feelings, hopes, and fears. (how perfect!)
  • Waiting for you to fall, fall, fall into his arms, into his bed, into his life.
  • Victory is his.

How to avoid letting gaze into your soul

Aka the mirror of your splendor:

  • Take the initiative to meet men; don’t just wait for them to seduce you.
  • Shut the hell up and don’t spill your entire life story AKA poor boundaries are not healthy. (It’s a date not an Oprah interview.)
  • Be the mystery. They love the chase of the new and exotic…keep it going that way.
  • Don’t sleep with him right away; no matter how much you long for him. (why buy the cow if you get the milk for free.)
  • Listen with your head and your heart. (If it seems too good to be true, it probably is)
  • Slow the entire falling in love lust, passion down. What is the rush?

“Mirror mirror on the wall,

no man will ever make me fall

for I am smart and wise in all.”




Always follow your heart,

as long as it’s not above your head.

Love always,

April of Course

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