Why Is Your Love Life A Total Mess?

Why Is Your Love Life A Total Mess?

May 11, 2018 0 By April Kirkwood

Working My Way Back to Me is the story of my relationship with Frankie Valli, which started with a meeting when I was five years old, consummated when I was 16, and went on nearly three decades. I first wrote this story on my own four years ago, but the self-published memoir did not gain much traction. I enlisted a professional writer to help me author a new book, focusing on the emotional journey of my youth through the prism of the Frankie relationship.

In WMWBTM, I explore universal issues of love, sexuality, addiction, and mental health through my personal experiences. It is a journey that begins for me as an Ohio farm girl in the 1960s and continues through my years as an aspiring beauty queen, a college student, and a young counselor. My memoir is set against a backdrop of familial love, but also violence, abuse, and dysfunction.
I hope  that you’ll see me as a somewhat different participant in the #MeToo movement, in that I see myself less as a victim and more as a woman trying to break a generational mold.
I have two masters in education and am a therapist working with dual diagnosis clients, often those who struggle with addiction and early childhood trauma.


April Kirkwood, M.Ed., LPC


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