August 8, 2016 2 By April Kirkwood

 Tips for Busy Couples


The fall season brings a renewed sense of getting back to work and buckling down.  Careers, schooling, and goal setting take the place of picnics in the park, relaxing vacations with your honey, and lazy days spent carefreely listening to nothing but the sound of the ocean waves.  


This ‘back to school’ DNA ‘ is a deeply ingrained mentality that is purposefully beneficial to accomplish what needs to get done.  It’s wonderful that inside each of us we create dreams and are dedicated to perform, excel, and win. But today I wonder if we have gone overboard.  How much are we willing to throw away to make our dreams come true! It often feels that we have pushed the envelope leading  us to both physical and mental exhaustion with little satisfaction in the long term.

In short, is the cost is too great.  The losses too big.  

Both women and men honestly believe they are expected to multi-task twenty four hours seven days a week and are always on call to bosses, staff, friends, and family.

Let me interject, that  to prescription to success is totally crap!

Nonetheless, if that’s all you know, it’s what you do. I too once foolishly put my inner voice to sleep while I went leaping into mainstream on the track of success. The end result: I found myself exhausted and freaked out sacrificing more than I realized.

This kind of excessive chase for material success has also caused the downfall to many a great relationships.

What happned to love coming first and more importantly, what’s wrong with putting relationships first?


I found the cliche to be true:

When your personal life is in order,

everything else falls in place.

But the ego tries to trick us telling us it’s ok to put your relationship on the back burner just for a while.  Our devious consciousness resonates in our ear, ‘they will be there later.’  But in reality, we all know what happens when a table gets it’s legs cut off….it can no longer stand.

It is vital to consciously remember how important it is to stay on the same page or at least in the same chapter to your partner’s comings and going is.

 The only constant of life is change and that accounts for love too.   Relationships are either going forwards or going backwards but they are never, I repeat, never standing still.

You both desired to be ‘tight,’ a ‘team’ and that is the cornerstone of why you both chose to live  as a couple.  It is this partnership that stands the test of time providing a foundation in the chaos of living.

Keep your home life stable and grounded for true happiness and health.

When life’s dreams shatter, jobs make you crazy, and the unexpected comes knocking on your door, (as it will), it is your mate that will help you make it through even the darkest of times.

After all, life is supposed to be fun, careers invigorating, and family and friends enriching.

It is by no chance that the heart is placed in the middle of the body.  The heart is the nucleus connecting what we think to where we go!

Happy Fall!


PS:  The holidays are just around the bend! OMG, right?

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TIPS for Busy Couples:

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