Five Ways To Renew Your Joy In Living!

Five Ways To Renew Your Joy In Living!

January 13, 2015 0 By April Kirkwood

Why is it that we can’t find lasting happiness?

In the olden days when young people were asked what their goals were for life, they said a good job and a family.

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 Today our youth say that they want fame and fortune.


What does that say about our possibility for lasting happiness?

A heck of a lot.

Even if being famous were a guarantee to life long happiness, the odds of becoming a star are too depressing to even think about.  And if you happen to make the A List, stats tell us only a very few manage longevity and many end up broke as a joke.

“Oh I know, a bit of realism is a real drag to your ego.”

 Get over it. (Twitter that!)

Research also tells us that the most miserable folks in America come from the richest and poorest demographics.

To put it bluntly, we are so far off from what brings true joy and lasting peace that I shudder to think what catastrophic event it will take to shake up our brains enough to realize what we are here to do.

To top it off, when we do seek help, Pop psych does nothing to help glossing it over with conversation like, ‘how does it feel‘ to make decisions whether to attend Grandma’s funeral or not.  Seriously!  How does it feel? Get your ass there in a suit and do what is right.  It’s called Respect!

News Flash:


 Life’s not supposed to always FEEL Good.

 It’s time boys and girls to wake and get real.

Five rules to a good life that Grandma and Grandpa knew that YOU Don’t!

  1. Living is NOT easy and it’s not meant to me. Hardships build character.  Do the right thing. Have integrity.  Be honest.
  2. Prepare for your future like you are going to be here a while but act as though this was your last day on earth. 
  3. Find a relationship with source or God and serve someone other then yourself.
  4. Leave the past behind, it’s self-defeating to carry it with you.
  5. Family is everything, even the ones who are pains in the butt.

Life isn’t just about the party. Though we seem to get reprieves with good times to keep us going through the down times. It’s the balance that allows us to enjoy and grow through it all.

Life is about love and relationships and honoring the world and everyone in it.  My personal motto:  Harm no one.  I don’t always manage it well.  But I try.

Why can’t we lasting find happiness?


We are selfish, lazy, and spoiled. Me too!

(Ouch..that hurt to even type it.)

That’s all I know so far.


April of Course

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