Your Mental Health: How to Find a Resolution

Your Mental Health: How to Find a Resolution

April 3, 2019 0 By April Kirkwood

When you’re struggling with a mental illness, it can be very hard. People around you tend not to be too understanding, and while there are many helpful treatments, such as medication and psychotherapy, you might need to do more on a daily basis to feel good or even scrape through with a just okay.

Finding the right coping mechanism takes time and patience, but it is possible, and you’ll be amazed at how different it can make you feel. If you’ve tried a few things with little success or want to add something to your toolkit, here are some resolutions that might be worth trying out.

Know Your Limitations but Focus on Your Strengths

If you have problems coping with certain situations, it might mean you to struggle to get lots of things done in the day. While this might be one downside of a mental health issue, it can also be seen as a strength. If it takes longer to get things done, then it means you’re going to be a very patient kind of person, and there are going to be plenty of people who want to be your friend.

The Five Senses

This is a way of grounding yourself when you’re going through a crisis. The idea is to focus on something that each of your senses is experiencing at that moment. For example, it might be the movement of a clock’s hand on the wall, the sound of a car passing by outside, the smell of some flowers sat in a vase on the table, the feel of the soft carpet under your feet and the taste of a sweet you’ve just popped into your mouth. It only takes a few moments to run through your five senses, but it’s usually enough to keep you present and focused on what’s real and what’s happening right now.

Get Treatment

If you want to deal with your illness the best way you can it’s imperative you get the right treatment. Who you see and what treatments are offered will depend on your mental illness. For example, if you have a problem with addiction you might need to go to a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

Take Care of Your Body

If you take care of yourself physically, it can improve your mental health. Introduce nutritious meals to your menu, give up smoking, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly. Getting enough sleep is also important for your mental and physical health.

Learn How to Deal with Stress

Stress is a part of life, whether you like it or not, so it’s important to practice good coping skills. Go for a walk, take up Tai Chi, play with your pet, write a journal, read a book or bake a cake. All are good ways to deal with any stress you might be feeling. Try to smile more often and see the funny side of life. Laughter has also been shown to provide a boost for your immune system, relax your body, ease pain and reduce stress.

It is possible to enjoy life even if you’re struggling with mental health issues. You just have to find ways to help you through it.

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