Why You Need A Wing Girl

June 2, 2019 0 By April Kirkwood

It’s great to have a therapist, coach, friends, family members and your own good common sense, but sometimes situations come up out of nowhere that can really mess with your head. That is the moment you need advice, support, and kindness. Not an hour, a day, or a week from now; by then you’ve either screwed up or didn’t prove yourself to be the cool hip chick you really are.

That’s where I come in. As your personal and private wing girl, with two masters by the way in counseling and a life time of experience in both education and mental health; let’s not forget shopping and styling expertise, you can reach me with just one simple text. I respond with a voice text and we make sure you come off stellar at your place of work, your social events, and even when you are alone and just need a boost.

Sign up today. Let’s make sure you grow gaining wisdom, self-confidence, and respect wherever you are, who ever you are with, and whatever the circumstance.


April of Course

Your Wing Girl

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