The Facts About Detox; What YOU Need to Know

The Facts About Detox; What YOU Need to Know

May 17, 2018 0 By April Kirkwood

Deciding To Go To Detox?

What You Need To Know!


Drugs and alcohol affect your judgment, thoughts, feelings, and more.  All of this clouds your ability to make sound decisions; even about getting clean.  Going to detox is an important step and one that  needs to be made utilizing facts.  Here is a summary to help you in your recovery.

Three reasons people go to detox!

1.  They are court ordered often involving threats of prison time and/or having their children taken out of the home.

2.  They want everyone to get off their back aka pressure from friends and family.3. They truly are ready to change.

3.  They are truly ready to stop.

Be warned:  All of these reasons can look the same.

What is detox?

  1. Detox is when the body goes through physical withdrawal of the addictive substance.
  2. Detox can last anywhere from one to a week or so depending on the type of drug.
  3. For example, heroin usually takes a week but it can be done in three days if absolutely necessary.

What is Rehab?

  1. Rehab can last anywhere from 30 to 90 days and in some cases there are opportunities for longer programs.
  2. Rehab includes but is not limited to therapy, classes which can include self care practices and artistic ways to process physical and/or mental issues, as well as medical support. They provide intensive methodology to help the client create a new life with skills to remain sober and start over.
  3. Rehab programs vary in price and often medicaid will not pay for it.

Three factors that affect choice of detox programs!

  1. Cost – with government assistance some are free; however, come all inclusive treatment programs can run up thousands.
  2. Drug of Choice –  once again, certain drugs take longer to detox from.  LSD withdrawal can have intense side effects.
  3. Life Style -Addicts with jobs or responsibilities with children or other family members affect the best detox program for you.

Is detox successful?

Success is a relative term.

Will detox clean your body from the drug? Yes

Will detox be a one time fix? No

Will detox help addicts cope with entering back in to normal living? No

Is detox a one time thing?  No

Is detox the first time to recovery?  Yes




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