One Rule For Socialite Brides Everywhere!

One Rule For Socialite Brides Everywhere!

August 11, 2015 0 By April Kirkwood

It’s the Ego Versus the Cognitive Brain!



He fell deeply in love with you and the world seemed to be a dream come true.  He was doting, affectionate, and gave you everything your heart desired.

 Any one would want him!

You two create a complete paradise.


You have two or three children and are more than thrilled to assit with all of the duties of a socialite wife.  You run his home,  keeping stunningly on top of life with trainers, secretary, and social life thinking he would be crazy to ever give you up. You exhale….you’ve got this until you realize that…

 “you set him up to fail.”


You lovingly hire a nanny half your age.

Mother playing with her little boy


‘She is adorable, the kids will love you’ you muse after her interview.”

 In a few  short years, she’s still running around perky and braless, giggling full of life, carefree and playful for the entire family to love.

Are you freaking insane? 

I have never had enough money to hire a nanny or an assistant but if I do, I can tell you she’s not going to look like a Barbie doll.

Listen up and listen up good you beautiful, wealthy socialite wives:

1.  Everyone gets boring after a while, even you sweetie.

2.  Guys are in born hunters. If they’re not hunting you, the urge to search and conquer is still beating within their DNA.  Why in the heck would you send Bambi into your house to be a target?

3.  A younger girl with no responsibilities is more fun that you.  You, on the other hand, have to be the heavy as head of the home…and let’s face it, that becomes a drag.

4.  Your EGO will trick you thinking you are all that.  No one is all that.  Guard what’s your good level common sense.


“See what I mean!”

Ego eccentric women who thought too much of themselves and their power.

My choice of personal assistant and/or nanny!

“This one is a no brainer!”


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