*NEW* Life Notes From Guidance Counselor on LOVE

*NEW* Life Notes From Guidance Counselor on LOVE

January 19, 2019 0 By April Kirkwood

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We’ve Got Your Cliff Notes on Love

(Updated dated daily)

  • Women prefer pictures of men who are proud more than happy.
  • Men prefer pictures of women who are happy but not too proud.
  • Both are attracted to pictures of those who show a bit of a shameful side.
  • Women are more attracted to partners who resemble their current or past partners men don’t always adhere. So in some reference, we do have a ‘type’ we like.
  • Both men and women are more interested in those who use a lot of big gestures aka moving arms and hands.
  • In profiles, more people liked pictures when the person was in a more expansive pose.
  • Spend two minutes gazing into your lover’s eyes to increase feelings of passion and affection.
  • When someone ‘bids’ for your attention they truly want affection.  Turning inwards towards them has been shown to be major in keeping love alive.
  • If you want to show someone on a dating app to your friends, don’t make the mistake of clicking their profile page a zillion times.  They will see every one you sent it to and you will seem  pathetic and desperate.
  • Will Their Handwriting give them away?  Large handwriting indicates and extrovert.  Small handwriting indicates an introvert.  Narrowly spaced letters indicate caution.  Widely spaced letters indicate throwing caution to the wind.  The middle zone of a word is where every letter makes it appearance plus c, m, n, r, s, v, w, and x.  If the person uses words with these more then others, they are practical and good at details.  The lower zone is where we find the bottoms of the letters, g, j, p, q, and x.  This is the zone of sexuality and physical energy.  People with this zone dominant are materialistic and sensual.  The upper zone are the tops of the letters; b, d, f, h, k, l, and t, as well as j.  This is where your find imagination and emotions.  A dominant upper zone indicates a think, someone who’s concerned about the larger world.
  • Better looking people and wealthy get bored more easily and cheat more than average individuals.
  • Who makes the best mate?  Those who have strong moral values.  Education, political affiliations, and career choice have little to do with finding a mate that is true blue.
  • Single this Valentine’s Day?  Why not reach out to an ex and send them a message.  It’s wonderful for closure.  Letting go of the past is necessary to make room for the future.
  • Are you a fire chaser or a long term burner?  Fire chasers like the excitement and rush of new conquests.  If you or someone you are dating is this type, they aren’t a good fit for a long relationship.  A long term burner is more then OK with the ups and downs of passion.  They go the distance.  Neither one type is right or wrong.  It’s depends upon your goals.
  • Guys, always ask for a date days in advance.  It’s disrespectful to assume a girl is available for Saturday night on Friday.  Show some respect and you’ll get some.
  • Ladies and gentlemen dress the part.  Even if you lucky shirt is ripped and torn, it won’t bring you luck on a first date.  Girls, if you aren’t used to four inch heels, now is not the time to practice on a date.  Ladies dress like ladies unless you want to be considered one of ‘those types’ that you never really consider for a long term thing.
  • Ladies always end the date first before your guy.  Remember to keep desire and longing alive.  Don’t let them be the first to end an evening.  Don’t give them a chance to get bored.  Of course, how could you ever be boring if you are making yourself more a mystery which helps get another date.
  • Ladies:  never date a married man.  Reason one, you will always be number two and reason two, your friends and the those who find out will never trust you to be near their guys.
  • Why do women date married men?  It gives you something to fantasize about when and if he ever leaves and it keeps you from getting truly hurt.  The truth is he’s never coming so he can’t possibly reject you.  Sad but true.  It’s heartbreaking and most of the time even if you get the man, there is so much drama and distrust it rarely works out well.
  • How to keep those first dates exciting? When he asks you out, silently count to five before saying yes.  It will make him nervous and that’s good.
  • When walking down the street, drop his hand first, ever so slightly.
  • What NOT to say on a date!  Ladies, no not mention marriage and men; do not mention sex.
  • How to avoid unnecessary heartbreak, especially at the initial stages of dating:  know and stand by your ‘deal breakers.’ For example, if your’e allergic to cats and find out on the first date they have three cats; it’s time to exit.  Why cause yourself unnecessary heartache?  Self care is the first step of having positive relationships with others.
  • Realize you are doing great.  These suggestions are just like a tune up on a Porsche…you’ve got this.  Don’t ever try to remake yourself.  Would you want to ruin the looks and shape and ride of a Porsche? Absolutely NOT!
  • Imprinting: the process of developing as a child between the ages of six through twelve what you think your perfect partner is.

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