Falling in Love?  Could It ‘The Be Real Deal’ Or ‘Just A Chemical Reaction’?

Falling in Love? Could It ‘The Be Real Deal’ Or ‘Just A Chemical Reaction’?

May 29, 2018 0 By April Kirkwood

Life With Love; Let it Happen!

What is Love?

 What if it’s not just all biology and family upbringing?

April Kirkwood. M.Ed., LPC

Life with Love Coach

So much research has been done about the mental and physical mechanics of the process of finding a mate.  As a counselor, I was talk that love at first sight is nothing more then a DNA process for mating based on certain precondition that has been constructed in our minds due mostly to early upbringing.  As a practitioner, I completely concur with their findings  and mix that into my coaching. I have used the strategies of self-discovery and healing with myself and others.  But……………………………………………………………..

What if there is more?

We’ve figured out the physical and perhaps the mental, but as a holistic practitioner, I can’t help but look to the spiritual component of love. Let’s put on our spiritual Rose Colored Glasses not to distort our presence on the planet but to clarify it.

Today’s intention:

 I will see love in all of my relationships today. 

So it is!

Notes About Spiritual Romance!

(Rose Colored Glasses Recommended for maximum understanding!)

  1. We are Souls visiting this planet like a giant school.
  2. In school we choose classes we want to study.
  3. The most important lesson is love.
  4. Others join in with us to help us accomplish learning how to ‘be’ love on this planet.
  5. Sexual attractions (tastes, smells, sounds, etc.) are calls from the soul’s connection.
  6. When those wane, the ego has edged it’s way back in to disrupt the union and once again we forget the process of true love.
  7. The lessons of love are in full force…some will get it, others will choose to move on.
  8. You will other opportunities to keep learning.
  9. There is no limited time to learn lessons.
  10. Love is eternal.
  11. Love is the ultimate healer.
  12. Nothing else truly exists.

Broken, stuck?

Life With Love; Let It Happen!

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