The Danger of Your Man’s Success

The Danger of Your Man’s Success

October 2, 2016 0 By April Kirkwood


And They Lived Happily Ever After!

You two are in love and ready to face the world together. It feels so great when your husband gets that promotion and finds his way climbing the career ladder with vigor and vitality. His success is a team effort and you couldn’t both be more proud.  He’s making all of your dreams come true. He gains the respect of your family, your friends, and your community.

 Most importantly, you are thrilled.

Finally, no more stress about buying your dream house, feeling pressure to work outside the home, and affording all those bills raising great kids.


All of your wishes for the perfect life have come true.

You can afford a nicer car then you ever thought and a yearly vacation may turn into two getaways a year.

You exhale.

 Kick back and relax.


What’s Wrong With That?

Three Terrible Things Can Happen:


1. Money changes him!

Men often get the disease I call egomania aka ‘I am man hear me roar.’ With this disease come a sense of entitlement and lack of memory of who and how and why they strove to become so successful.  In other words, they begin to feel bigger than their britches.  When the world around them reinforces them with such regard and power they change. Warning: it is almost impossible to stop a speeding train! Of course, they say they’re doing it for you, but they have lost sight of the forest for the trees.

Worst fear:  The affair; where there is power and money there are triple women waiting to scoop up your magical life.

2.  Marriage changes your relationship! 

Life can get boring…..diapers, garbage, the routine can take it’s toll on any couple. If he comes home each night and your conversation is predictable….you can become boring. Being a Dad isn’t easy either. The phrases ‘seven year itch’ and ‘midlife crisis’ has some merit.

Boredom breeds contempt.  Contempt breeds who knows what in the minds of men!

3.  Marriage changes you!


Worry less about keeping your floor shinny.  

Let your inner woman shine.

You too become so busy with your new status as Mom and homemaker. You too forget who you are, who is the man you fell for, and what this marriage is truly about…you and him in love together making a life.

Somehow life forgot that and so did you!

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

How To Keep That Successful Man and Your Relationship Strong


  1. Remember the girl he fell in love with. Who is she? What was she like? She’s still inside there somewhere.  Let her come out.   Laugh, joke, keep yourself up, and keep a little mystery about you.
  2. Stay connected to your passions, your dreams, your career.  Stay exciting by being excited yourself about your own life. You are a woman first, then a wife and a mother.

KEY Secret about ALL Men


Men are hunters.

It’s in their DNA.

If they aren’t chasing YOU, who are they chasing?

Don’t always be predictable.  Mix it up!

Make sure you keep it going and have your own wonderful life.  

Instead of  wondering what he’s doing, let him wonder about you!

Don’t pick up the phone every time he calls.

Don’t call him all of the time unless it’s an absolute emergency.

Enjoy the long happy marriage with your successful husband.

PS:  They never think they’re too old! In the mirror, they still see the stud not the senior citizen AKA “There’s no fool like an old fool.”

You, my love, have more control over your life than you realize.  Make it happen! Enjoy your man, your life, and yourself!

Love never looked so good or lasted so long!


Always –  because Life is the process of returning to LOVE!

April Of Course


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