After They Break Your Heart, Now What?

After They Break Your Heart, Now What?

May 20, 2018 0 By April Kirkwood

How To Get Over A Breakup!

So he did you wrong!  The scoundral lied, cheated, and corrupted the core of everything you thought you ever believed about love, commitment, and all that you had together.  Ok, I get it.

When my husband married my first cousin almost immediately after the ink on our divorce papers were dry.  I was devastated and embarrassed and bewildered about everything I thought I knew about him and marriage.

And, I admit, I felt uncontrollable rage running through every part of my being. This was way beyond mad.  I had one goal; make him hurt bad. I ruthlessly tried everything to do just that.

Now that my emotions are more collected, I realize I hurt myself more then I could have ever hurt him or my cousin.  And what’s work, You know what, it didn’t work.  I was humiliated and ashamed.  And let’s not even mention  the agony I caused my entire family and most importantly the damage especially involving  my children’s ability to move on in a healthy way.

But guess what, now after all of these years, the love I had for my husband has returned with a deeper understanding of who he is and who I am.  The thought of him still warms my soul with a sincere peace and I see clearly that I consider what we had to be one of the best experiences of my life.

How did I forgive, move on, and return to thoughts of him with genuine kindness and insight.?

There were many steps, one of which I’m going to share with you right now.  You can get over a broken heart and become even better, wiser, and more enchanted with the thought of future relationships then you ever thought.

Letting Him Go!

Quick Check In:

I.  There is a reason this person came in to your life and perhaps a better reason why he left.

2.  He came to present an opportunity to learn about love.

3.  He left for reasons no one but his soul and my soul may know.

4.  Humans mess up; he is a soul having a human experience. It can be crazy!

5.  I mess up; I am a soul having a human experience.  It can get crazy.

6.  Love is an energy that goes on forever whether it be one sided or mutual even if we don’t believe it.

7.  I give him permission to learn more about life realizing in my heart, it’s truly not personal. (Prayer helps.)

8.  I give myself permission to be free when I let him grow in whatever way he needs to.

9.  I can myself permission to always have special loving feelings for him.

If you would like to learn more about getting over pain, please let us know.

Life With Love – Let it happen!


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