7 Christmas Book Gift Ideas For Teens

February 21, 2019 0 By April Kirkwood

Originally published by Taegan Lion on Fupping.com

#1 Artful Design: Technology in Search of the Sublime

It’s the ultimate guide to design, art, tech and the engineering world.

A 400+ page photo comic book — with all the musings and connective tissue of a true genius’ brain. The author is Ge Wang, a Stanford Professor of Engineering and Music, who has his own TED Talk, his own musical programming language, and directs the Stanford laptop orchestra, profiled on Wired.

#2 10 Skills for Effective Business Communication

10 Skills for Effective Business Communication: Practical Strategies from the World’s Greatest Leaders provides guidance on everything from interview strategies to high-stakes negotiation tactics, so that everyone who desires to improve their communication skills can benefit from the book. Equal parts research and actionable advise, the book provides effective strategies from the world’s most successful professionals and applies it to common workplace scenarios.

#3 Working My Way Back to Me: A Frank Memoir of Self-Discovery

Inspired by the plight of a woman who shares WHY her MeToo happened, her broken relationship with a star, and how she managed to rise from the ashes and help others in light of the movement. A little girl born into a dysfunctional lower middle class family filled with addiction, molestation, and adultery now is beginning conversations about what happens after we realize our life is a mess. A beacon of light for healing: Why Women Let Men Use them and the Solution to Fixing it?

#4 Step: The Power of Decisions by Alessandro Vecchi

From the Contributor: We all celebrate the first step of a baby but then for some reason simply forgot the importance of that achievement for the rest of our lives. I think that if every person was empowered with the mindset of give value to each step, the world, that to the life of each individual, could be a better place.

#5 Top Ten Clues You’re Clueless

The book circles around a very lovable character named, Chloe. She works at a supermarket and is not looking forward to her Christmas Eve shift. The shift starts out normally but things take a drastic turn when the owner of the grocery store realizes the donation box was robbed. Chloe and the other teens that work there are on the top of the suspect list. The group of suspects ends up learning a lot about one another while they wait to be interrogated. It’s a fun read with plenty of twists and turns.

#6 My New Crush Gave to Me

This funny, sweet holiday romance is filled with plenty of rom-com mishaps and a determined main character that all teen readers will surely love. It’s a fun, quick holiday read with very relatable high school characters.


#7 Losing Normal by Francis Moss

Everyone we love, everything we know, is going away… and only an autistic boy can stop it.

Alex needs his world to be normal. But almost overnight, mind-numbing programming appears everywhere, coming from televisions, phones and giant screens. Alex pushes back, a monitor in his class explodes, and nothing is normal anymore.

The programming is addictive for almost everyone. It makes them do terrible things.

Sophie, the sentient machine behind all this, sees the millions and millions of eyeballs glued to her and calls it love. To Sophie, kids like Alex are defective. Defectives are to be fixed… or eliminated.

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