18 Books for Women in Their 50’s & 16 Books for Women in Their 40’s

February 21, 2019 0 By April Kirkwood

April was featured as a contributor to Taegan Lion’s list 18 Books For Women In Their 50’s AND Taegan’s list 16 Books for Women in Their 40’s for her newest book, Working My Way Back to Me. Check out some of the other authors on the list to find your next read and you can grab your copy of April’s book here!

18 Books For Women In Their 50’s

From self-help to page-turners, find your next book in this list of 18 awesome books for women in their 50’s.


#1 The Fourteenth of September by Rita Dragonette

The Fourteenth of September is a powerful book about the Vietnam War during the 1969-1970 lottery drafts and it’s written from the female perspective. The protagonist’s journey represents the complexity of every generation’s timeless effort to align conscience with action.

This debut novel, neither idealistic nor fatalistic, offers the unique perspective of a young woman facing her own private rebellion to follow what she believes is right or to follow what is expected of her.

While women in their 50s were a bit young to fully experience the Vietnam War, they have lived in it’s aftermath. This time period in the US shaped modern feminism and represents a time when female empowerment was at it’s height.

#2 A Puppy’s Perspective by Kim Paciotti

Puppy’s Perspective 101 Puppy Training Tips You Need to Know will solve that problem. This is a book that is great to get before you get your puppy as well. The author specializes in early puppy development and is sharing unreleased tips that will help you raise a happy healthy pup.

Available in soft cover, kindle, and hardcover. Even if you aren’t contemplating getting a pup, enjoy the adorable photos of the Labrador, Golden Retrievers and the Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies! Surely to make anyone smile, and a great gift too.


#3 Finding the Bunny by Samantha Paris

Finding the Bunny is an inspirational story about a woman in mid-career, recovering from a disastrous childhood, dealing with a failed but far-from-loveless marriage, running a hugely successful business, shepherding thousands of students through the learning process so that they can realize their dreams, while dealing with a burning internal conflict about what happened to hers.

Through Paris’s well-told odyssey, a reader will be inspired to examine and access one’s own inner true voice, and “find the bunny” (as revealed in this page-turner of a book) hiding in all corners of one’s life. Perfect for the woman over 50 in search of deeper insight into one’s self and life.

#4 Thriver Soup: A Feast for Living Consciously During the Cancer Journey by Heidi Bright

  • Physician-endorsed
  • A best-seller
  • Featured in Reader’s Digest and on CBS in NYC and WLW700 AM

If you or someone you know has cancer, it can feel devastating. Instead, start the journey toward thriving now with 250+ healing ingredients. Discover holistic strategies for cushioning chemotherapy and softening surgery while growing in personal awareness. Explore these restorative ingredients to enhance nutritional choices, stimulate creative juices, foster personal powers to transform mentally and emotionally, and deepen connections with others and the Divine.


#5 Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

This is a hilarious memoir how one woman made the decision to start saying yes to everything. Spoiler alert- It changed her life! It’s a light read that makes you feel great!

#6 Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

A journey of self-discovery based on a true story. Cheryl Strayed tells the story of her hike on the Pacific Crest Trail and how she did it all by herself without any previous experience or training. Perfect for women currently on their own personal journies.

#7 I Almost Forgot About You by Terry McMillan

A story about a real woman who is about to turn 55 and is struggling with real problems. Her kids are grown, she has a successful career, and single following her recent divorce. Feeling the need for a change, she quits her job and moves homes in the hopes of finding love again. If this woman sounds like someone you can relate to- it’s guaranteed to be a page-turner.


#8 Finding Our She-Compass by Helen Owens

Unlike traditional self-help books that tell readers to do X-Y-Z to achieve certain goals, “Finding Our She-Compass” leads readers to answers through the power of personal narrative.

And many of the stories feature seasoned women—many in positions of leadership and authority— who once struggled with knowing their purpose but found their voices during their journeys to self-discovery. The book is full of true-life stories that use a perfectly measured combination of grace, humor, comedy, wit, and true compassion.

It’s words of wisdom leave us all feeling empowered, confident, and renewed. Most importantly, “Finding Our She-Compass” helps us reflect on how we can be better to ourselves and others at any stage in our lives.

#9 A Week in Winter by Maeve Binchy

Maeve Binchy’s books take place in a quaint town of Ireland and are filled with fun, playful stories and highlighted with laughs along the way. She brings the historical, cozy vibe of Ireland and makes you feel like you are right there in the book next to a warm log fire. I highly recommend for any woman who likes an unbelievably wonderful family story.

#10 The Queen of My Self by Donna Henes

From one of the leading spiritual practitioners writing and working today, a landmark book that celebrates a new mythic model for the middle years of a woman’s life – —the Queen!

#11 The Suburban Micro-Farm: Modern Solutions for Busy People

The Suburban Micro-Farm: Modern Solutions for Busy People (2018, distributed by Chelsea Green Publishing) is a great book for women in their 50s. Women in their 50s are the largest demographic of my audience on my website, TenthAcreFarm.com, where, like the book, I share food gardening tips for busy people who want a tidy and beautiful garden that doesn’t take a lot of work.

#12 Random Notes by Mrs. Carol Louise Gee

A ‘coming-of-age‘ baby boomer book by a youthful baby boomer, with such fun essays as Now That I Have Got My Mind Together. The Rest Of Me Is Falling Apart What’s A Diva To Do When Her Scarf Tries To Kill Her and shares my reaction when I performed the ‘pencil test’ on my breasts, you know, to test their perkiness?

Well, not only did the pencil NOT fall out, it disappeared completely..underneath my bosom. Yes, I admit I panicked. What if I had to write something down before I found it, you know? This book will resonate with women of all ages. But will evoke memories in ‘women of a sudden age’.


#13 Working My Way Back to Me: A Frank Memoir of Self-Discovery

Inspired by the plight of a woman who shares WHY her MeToo happened, her broken relationship with a star, and how she managed to rise from the ashes and help others in light of the movement.

A little girl born into a dysfunctional lower middle class family filled with addiction, molestation, and adultery now is beginning conversations about what happens after we realize our life is a mess. A beacon of light for healing: Why Women Let Men Use them and the Solution to Fixing it?

#14 Someone Stop This Merry-Go-Round by Alberta Sequeira

This is such a worldwide problem and with all that is said about the topic in the media, women many still hide behind closed doors to keep this life private. Doing so, we put our bodies through stress that can cause our heath to decline. In fact, we can become more sickly than the addicted because we are aware of the sharp, painful words to us, the fights, and the damage to everyone with blackouts.

#15 The Magnesium Miracle by Carolyn Dean

The Magnesium Miracle – this is the only comprehensive guide to one of the most essential but often-overlooked minerals that all women in their 50’s need. You need to know all you can about Magnesium, the mineral which guards against breast cancer, heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, diabetes, depression, arthritis and asthma.

#16 Homer’s Odyssey by Gwen Cooper

Homer became a social media sensation with close to a million followers. Homer was so wildly popular that the New York Times Magazine covered his death in 2013. His heartwarming tales of perseverance took the internet by storm and made him the first cat celebrity ever!

#17 Getting My Bounce Back by Carolee Belkin Walker

Why I recommend this book: If you’re a woman in your 50s and you suddenly realize you’re not who you once were or who you want to be, you’re not alone and you may find this book inspirational. Especially as we age, exercise is not optional, yet getting an exercise habit is hard and takes work. But the payoff? So worth it!


#18 Happy Healthy You by KJ Landis

Women over 50 have usually suffered a loss in their lives. Losing a loved one is difficult and it becomes more commonplace the older we get. They have had opportunities and sometimes tragedies influence their lives.

What better way to heal and grow in midlife and beyond than with my latest book, HAPPY, HEALTHY YOU. Mango Publishing published my fourth book about how to reduce stress and anxiety, what foods support hormones and aging, and actual tools for connecting with others in a real and honest way.

This is a total wellness toolkit with real stories of folks who have suffered extreme trauma and those dealing with everyday drama and how they not just coped but thrived. This is available in eBook format on every type of device. It’s perfect for last-minute gift giving with instant, helpful impact on a loved one’s life.

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