How to Feel Like a New Person in 4 Simple Steps

For whatever reason, most human beings usually come to a point where they start craving change in their life. The old saying, “change is the only universal constant,” comes to mind when you think about how inevitable the desire for change is within each individual. Unfortunately, many people externalize their cravings for change and wish to adjust the world around them rather than trying to find ways to improve their circumstances from the inside out. Acknowledging the need for change and manifesting it into a desire for self-improvement is never a bad thing, especially when you’re following a set strategy for getting it done. With that said, here are 4 simple steps anyone can take to feel like a new person:

1. Do a Facial Makeover

Something simple like getting a new pair of Persol glasses or upgrading your make-up or facial hair style can go a long way in making you feel like you’re looking at someone else in the mirror. In fact, a pair of frames that looks nothing like the ones you normally wear alongside a make-up or facial hair change can even make some of your friends have a hard time recognizing you at first glance. Thus, aesthetically, a facial makeover is the easiest way to take care of the aesthetic aspect of feeling like a new person. 

2. Splurge on a Designer Outfit

Of course, you’re not going to feel like a new person if you’re still wearing the same exact clothes that you wore before your personal transformation. While you might normally have a very humble and down-to-Earth sense of fashion, splurging on a fancy outfit or two can be an effective way to upgrade your self-esteem. 

3. Meet Some New People

Switching up your social circles, getting into a new relationship, or bringing new characters into your life are the fastest ways to feel like a new person because to those people you actually are new. All of your previous failures and flaws are not an issue when you’re interacting with people who  have no knowledge of those shortcomings. 

4. Take Up a New Hobby or Career Goal

Now that you’ve completely changed the way you look and dress, and have an entirely new group of friends to complement your personal lifestyle upgrade, it’s time to give yourself something new to do in your spare time. Psychiatrists have proven that making progress is the best way to initiate the feeling of happiness and fend off negative emotions like depression and anxiety, so find something productive to do with yourself. 

Start Meditating and Focusing on Your Health

Finally, one more step you can take to start changing the way you think about yourself is to take control of your mind and body through routine meditation, exercise, and dietary improvements. By becoming a better person mentally and physically, you’ll gradually start to feel as though “the old you” is but a distant memory and was merely a precursor or predecessor to the individual that you would eventually become. 

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