How Getting a Pet Can Help Boost Your Mental  Health

How Getting a Pet Can Help Boost Your Mental Health

July 19, 2021 0 By April Kirkwood

Suffering from mental health issues such as PTSD, depression, or anxiety can be incredibly overwhelming at times. They can make it difficult to socialize, to focus on work, and sometimes you can’t even bring yourself to get out of bed. While talking therapies and certain medications are both things that can help people through these difficult times, getting a pet could also help to boost your mental health. While pet ownership isn’t for everyone and shouldn’t be taken lightly, if you think you can take on the responsibility, you might find it helps you get through the harder days a little bit easier. Here are a few reasons why getting a pet can help your mental health.

Sensory Comfort

If you get a cat or dog that is soft to the touch and enjoys being petted, this interaction with your pet can help to soothe feelings of anxiety and stress. The softness of the animal’s fur is comforting to touch, and it is also a bonding experience with you and your pet. This process relaxes both you and your pet, which can help if you are starting to feel overwhelmed.


Struggling with poor mental health can be an isolating experience at times. It can be difficult to communicate how you’re feeling to others, particularly if they have never been through what you’re going through, or have a limited understanding of the complexities of mental health issues. Although your pet might not be able to talk back to you, they are excellent companions who can give you comfort when you’re feeling low, and you can even talk things out with them if you want to get some things off your chest! At the very least, they’ll come to cuddle with you to try and cheer you up. 

A Sense of Purpose

Struggles with mental health can often leave people with a lack of motivation and feeling as though they don’t have a purpose. If you have had periods when you have felt this way, getting a pet can offer a partial remedy to that. There are various responsibilities you will take on as a pet owner, such as regular feeding times, daily walks if you get a dog, taking them to the vet, making sure they are well-groomed, etc. This can help you feel needed as well as getting you into a good routine. If you do get a pet, speak to a vet about the specific needs of your animal, including what food they need for a good diet. You can see more quality pet food and information at

Encourages Exercise

This is more for those who choose to get a pet dog, as you will need to take them out for daily walks. Not only does this add structure to your day, but physical activity is always recommended to help with low mental health. 

This is because exercise will release the endorphins in your brain, which are a natural mood booster. The fresh air will help to make you feel more awake, and your dog can even be a conversation started and help you interact with others while you’re out on your walk. 

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