Featuring April

Featuring April


Welcome! Here you can find all of the articles, podcasts and other collaborations with April Kirkwood. Enjoy!


☞I had the pleasure of joining Gina from The Feminine Roadmap podcast all about growth, awareness and recovering from your life. Grab a glass and join the conversation! 


☞ Are you facing a break up?? This is how you need to do it…Head to the article at amormagazine.co.uk all about How To Break Up With Someone

What is narcissistic abuse? April weighs in with 14 other professionals on Upjourney.com to show you the warning signs!

After a breakup, how long should you wait before dating someone new?How do you know if you’re ready to get into a new relationship? Read the down low from professionals on Upjourney.com including April of Course!

The Noble Face Of Despair – April speaks about breast cancer and how disease creates despair that affects patients and survivors on Pinkribbon.co


☞We all are searching for that ‘one of a kind love.’  It is the air we long to inhale and the touch we wishing to feel. But what does this ‘selfless’ emotion look like?  What does is act like? And most importantly, what does the ‘real deal’ feel like?  Read April’s Article in Pentacle Magazine all about Selfless Love <3

☞ What does it mean to be Mentally Fit? Join April and Dan Pierce as they discuss this important topic! Youtube

☞ Have you had these important conversations in your relationship?? Don’t’ miss out April’s 9 most important chats you need to have on SheKnows.com

☞ April opens up on episode #125 of Ayrial Talk Time with Victoria Lynn Weston about her love affair with Frankie Valli – catch it here!


☞ This week on Bustle we’re chatting all about working through arguments with your partner! Including 8 old fashioned hacks that we should bring back – like keeping the peace in front of others! You can read the rest of the hacks here!

☞ “Don’t ever let anyone steal your magic!” April talks with Sara Connell about writing a book that sparks a movement and how you can connect and find support in others when you share your story. Read the full article on ThriveGlobal or Authority Magazine!

☞ This week I’m sharing a heart filled article on AllICanTellYou.com about growing up with a parent who has Personality Disorder. Hop on over to read How My Despotic Mother Taught Me To Live a Better Life.

☞ Read this review from Jennifer Steenerson on Working My Way Back To Me featured on her blog, Wishing Well of Hope! Thanks for the review, Jennifer!


☞ Check out April on pg. 48 of the March 2019 issue of Yoga Magazine! She’s talking about the End of An Era: signs that your romantic relationship may be coming to an end.

Slow Down to Do More: “Why Non-Stop News Delivers Information Too Quickly To Process” April talks with Ashley Graber about the 24/7 newscasting and how it’s affecting our minds and our rest on ThriveGlobal.com and Authority Magazine.

☞Get off on the right foot! Return to work with these awesome tips from April on MI Business Magazine!

☞ Are you heading back to the workforce after retirement? Read a handful of tips from April featured on AZBigMedia.com

☞ Catch April’s collaboration with Bianca Rodriguez  and Authority Magazine, Our Culture Sees Dependence On Drugs, Financial Ruin, Family Problems, Incarceration, And Homelessness As The Cause Not The Effect.


☞ April weighs in! 11 Signs You’re Dating a Narcissist with Healthline.com

☞ Look out for these 6 phrases that are common and deadly to a relationship! April shares Words Sparred Between Couples That Make or Break Them on Hitched.com.

☞ Looking for a new read? Check out The 13 Most Passionate Books To Read About Love ,and order your copy of April’s book today!

☞ Read April’s rules for Valentine’s Day 2019 on Beauty Loves Booze.

☞ April chats about her book and her journey on the Purse Strings podcast, check it out today and share with a friend!

☞ Don’t miss this! April went on The Chundria Show podcast (Ep. 5) to talk about unconditional love through unfavorable adversity.

☞ Join April and Chelsea from the Thank You Heartbreak podcast (ep.60), I’m Not Angry At Anything. April talks about returning to yourself after forgetting who you are and how her interest in spirituality — and the mind, body, soul connection — kept her open to forgiving every heartbreak.

☞ Are you an aspiring writer? Jump into this article, where April and Sara Connell discuss How to Write a Best Seller and what mistakes to avoid when entering the world as an author.

9 Books About Insecurity And How To Deal With It by Yehoshua Bomberg from Fupping.com featuring #1 – Working My Way Back To Me!

☞ Join April and Sarah Louise Ryan from the Love Lessons podcast as they chat about April’s book and lessons in love.

☞ April shares 4 Healing Steps for sexual abuse victims and the ME TOO movement  with Celebrate Women Today.


☞ April had the pleasure of chatting with Women’s Radio Network all about my story and my experiences that have built my philosophy on healing. Take a few minutes to listen along and see how I can help you take the steps to  Begin Healing In Your Life Today .

☞ “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes  baby in the baby carriage.”April shares four tips on parenting and relationships after baby with Motherhood Moment in this article, Parenting Pointers: Keeping Relationships Alive After Baby Comes.

☞ Read April’s article with Pinstripe magazine all about meeting and embracing your inner child: The Child Inside | Loving the Child Within

☞ Check out April’s latest interview with Rabbi Jacob Rupp on the Lift Your Legacy Podcast! 

Also available on YouTube!

☞Having more GRIT can change your life! April contributes to Phil Laboon‘s list on Buzzfeed: 19 Ways That You can Become Grittier This Year 

☞ April chats with Dr. Marina Kostina from thriveglobal.com about Living With A Ravenous Thirst For Life, how you can slow down and live with purpose and patience this new year.

☞ Need some inspiration for the New Year? Check out this article with April and Rabbi Jacob Rupp from Thriveglobal.com on Lift Your Legacy: Building a Holistic Life.

Working My Way Back To Me joins a list of amazing books supporting and empowering females everywhere. Check out Taegan Lion’s latest list 16 Empowering Books With A Female Protagonist. While you’re at it… check out this list as well! 4 Heartbreakingly Sad Books To Cry Over 💔

☞ New Year, New (BETTER) you! Check out these tips from April on planning your biggest and best year: Things You Should Do Early In 2019 for Your Best Year Ever on brainhackers.com!

☞ April weighs in on thisisinsider.com with Ni’Kesia Pannell: Signs Your Friends with Benefits Wants To Be More 

☞ Working My Way Back to Me is one of 11 Powerful Books That Will Set You On A New Positive Direction by Yehoshua Bomberg

☞Are you feeling the burn from someone for no reason? Read the advice that April shared with Carmen Jacob from UpJourney.com: What To Do When Someone Hates You For No Reason


☞ If you’re shopping for a teen, be sure to check out Taegan Lion’s most recent list 7 Christmas Book Gift Ideas For Teens! April’s newest book, Working My Way Back To Me was one of the featured titles on the list!

☞ April was among 20 experts who shared 26 Tips to Live a Meaningful Life. Check out the article today, you only live once so you might as well make the best of it!

☞ Don’t miss April’s thoughts on Facebook’s new dating app! She shares with Lindsay Tigar from datezie.com four reasons why the app might be worth checking out. You can read the article and April’s thoughts HERE!

☞ April weighs in on the cheating with Laura Dana over on Bustle.com!  Read the full list: If You Have These 7 Thoughts Behind Closed Doors, You’re More Likely to Cheat

☞ April chats with Phil Laboon about Grit, The Most Overlooked Ingredient of Success and accepting that life has both ups and down. Read the article from Authority magazine here! You can also read this collaboration between April & Phil on thriveglobal.com by clicking here!

☞ April spreads the truth about relationships with Do’s and Dont’s – Assessing a Romantic Relationship featured on brainhackers.com! You can read about words that hurt and defining if your relationship is worth a second try or needs to be left behind while you move forward.

☞ April shared an article with Whim.com  detailing the twelve different red flags you can look for in your relationship; from his work ethic to his daily actions — make sure you don’t find yourself being trapped by the wrong guy. Read the article for yourself here, 12 Signs You’re Dating A Narcissist!

☞ April was featured as a contributor to Taegan Lion’s list 18 Books For Women In Their 50’s AND Taegan’s list 16 Books for Women in Their 40’s for her newest book, Working My Way Back to Me. Check out some of the other authors on the list to find your next read and you can grab your copy of April’s book here!

☞ April recently did an incredibly inspiring interview with Yitzi Weiner from Authority Magazine. They chatted about April’s story, how you can begin rewriting your own story and managing mental health during the holidays. You can check out the article & interview here!