Are you hurting from some sort of emotional loss or heartbreak?

Maybe you just aren’t sure how to move on? Maybe your not even sure how you got to this place in your life?

Either way, you need a solution! That’s why you should work with me right now!

I am here to help you reach your goals, encourage you, and support you. My options aren’t just an exchange of money for services–they are the beginning of a relationship. A door that is always open, whether it has been days since we last worked together or months. I am here to answer questions, remind you of your potential, and help you become and remain your best self. People are not book sales, stats on blog posts they are beautiful people, more than deserving of my time, dedication, and support!
If you’re ready to jump back in to a life where your smile is genuine, each is filled with purpose, and you actually like yourself and those in it, you’re in the right place! Here is a list of our basic services. Need something a little more? No problem! Just contact me  and let’s find exactly what your needs are.

April Kirkwood

Did you get your heart broken and struggle trying to figure out how to put the pieces back together. Sure, you may smile to the crowd, but inside it feels as if you’re broken, defeated and may never have your whole heart back again.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.  I’ve been exactly where you are right now,  I know the pain for feeling lost and broken. I want to help you break through those shackles that hold you down so that you can begin to love again and heal yourself.

Whether in person or through video chats, my consulting packages are designed to fit your own individual needs.  I will help you create a plan to break through the heartache and return to that place of joy and happiness.  You will feel empowered again with the reassurance that you always have a partner if you get stuck.

Choose the package best for you:

  • Package 1: 6 Hour Package $300

Schedule the 6 hours in one day or up to 6 months time. You can use these hours as needed for one on one consulting services

  • Package 2: 3 Hour Package $150

Like the 6 hour package, you have the flexibility to schedule the 3 hours in one day or up to 3 months time. You can use these hours as needed for one on one consulting services

  • Package 3: Hourly, Pay as you go $75/hour

This package is perfect for the person who just needs a little direction in one area and will only need one hour of one on one consulting to fine tune their current skills.

Are you ready to learn how to use these new tools effectively, and generate the results you’ve been looking for? I’m waiting to hear from you! Contact me today!