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What If We’re Wrong About Love?

Working My Way Back To Me:

 “Life With Love!”


The worst day of my life was when my Mom died.  As you read the book, Working My Way Back To Me, and the details of her divisive methods of wanting to emotionally control my life and that of my children’s, you will probably wonder if I possibly have lost my mind or am in denial.  None of those are accurate!  I love her and miss her deeply with all of the sorrow and pain thrown in!

When I got it,  I found my heart united with my soul and then I healed and got my inner smile back and saw her and others who seemed to want to hurt me in a different light.

You too can arrive to a place joy that overrides what others have done!

Hit “Reset” and ‘Welcome to life with love!’


Are You Ready To Bend Your Ear To Listen To Your Heart?

‘What If’ Exercise:

  1. We came here to learn lessons.
  2. We chose some of these lessons together before our entry into the world.
  3. We chose our parents and those who lovingly preplanned to come into our life to help us accomplish our spiritual goals.
  4. We as children thought our parents and caregivers knew everything and they were in truth stumbling with their own confusion about love.
  5. We came to accept the world as we saw it learning to forget our inner truth  as part of the divine plan of spiritual acceleration.
  6. What if we don’t really understand love at all because we haven’t learned about here?
  7. What if everyone has lessons thought they look drastically different in terms of spiritual growth?


‘What if’ questions for you to explore your journey!

  1.  I honestly believe that  love is __________________________________________________________________



2.  I have fallen in love based on_____________________________________________________________________



3.  My parents’ relationship modeled to me that love is____________________________________________


4.  One issue that still stumps me in terms of love is_______________________________________________


5.  What has the world shown you love is__________________________________________________________


6.  I have trouble with romantic love? ______________________________________________________________

7.  I have trouble with relationships at work, with friends, and with family members?____________

8.  I want to feel more love in my life?_______________

Set your intention or you can use mine:

“I am willing to listen to my soul and learn more about love.”

So it is!

For more information about love stay tuned for forthcoming coaching and group sessions.

Once again, Welcome to life with love!

Much love,

April of Course


April Kirkwood

April Kirkwood LPC holds two masters and is presently working in the mental health focussing on both women's issues as well as addiction. Her desire is to help others take the present, healing the past, and creating a wonderful tomorrow. Focus: child trauma, holistic methodology, sexual molestation and harassment.

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