Are you living with Vampires?


You are under attack!


Like you, I am usually a cheerful happy-go-lucky person. Of course, I have my moments when my bank account is low, my boss is cranky, or my kids are in trouble.

But there are times I start out perfectly fine and then, boom, I’m out of sorts.

So, I began to keep track of people and events that seem to take me to a negative place. My physical responses would span from a slight headache to a complete lack of energy or worse…a feeling of disillusionment.

What I realized amazed me.

I found that certain people, places and events were total downers for me.

They were like vampires sucking stealing my energy to revitalize themselves from their own feelings of sadness, low self-esteem, and anger.


The result is a loss/loss for all involved. The bitten is emotionally and often physically depleted and the vampire’s new injection of energy doesn’t last.

But it is possible to guard yourself from these types.

The first key is to be aware aka it is necessary to know the enemy before you can conquer and protect yourself.

With some insight allowing your physical and emotional bodies to be your guide you can become astute in sizing up another’s intentions in your space, what their agenda is, and their emotional needs at your expense.

 Perhaps, you have a few of these stealing your jest for life:

The White Rabbit:   He or she is the one running around worrying and fretting about EVERYTHING and often ruminates over past circumstances from long ago as though it were yesterday. Cute and fluffy as they are, they want a shoulder to cry on and reinforcement for their sorrow. They don’t live in the present but stay buried in worry, and regrets.

THEY ARE THE INSECURE and they want your energy to make them feel better about themselves. 

The Deal Maker:This person can be very powerful enticing you with all kinds of worldly trinkets but be sure it is a deal with a high cost on your head.  There is a darkness and guilt looming about them and a hole in their countenance as big as the ocean. They have no joy.  Nothing is new for them.  These are tricky vampires because they appear so needy but they have so many blessings in their lives. they want to see the wonder of living through your eyes and find the innocense they lost long ago.

THEY ARE HARD TO THE CORE.  They have danced with the devil in the pale moon light.   They want your childlike spirit and joy to make them feel alive again.

Doom and Gloom:  Listen as an observer to their words. Either it is too hot, too cold, too boring, too noisy, too expensive, too much bother. Why be alive, I ask myself, when nothing is fun. Is he alive? What sustains their kingdom? The storms in his heart must be drowning his energy and blocking the sun. It is sad to see; it is sader to be drawn sucked into the never ending pity party.

They are DEPRESSED and your happiness is their food to get through their day!

Slackers:  They cannot get out of their own way. They could be a cast member for the Three Blind Mice stumbling in darkness. “What shall I do? Where shall I go?” he mutters wanting someone to make it alright. They don’t listen and rarely on their own behalf unless backed into a corner.  They chases others offensively, exhausting himself, and always leaving the control of their destiny to the others. making the moves on the chess board of life. It is tiring to watch. He feels betrayed, bewildered scurrying on the wheel of life running nowhere. They can’t find their way out of the darkness.

THEY WANT A MOMMY and your doting and empathizing with the cruel world reinforces their sense of entitlement and gives them permission to be irresponsible and weak. 

The High and Mighty: Let’s not forget the perfect people. They look normal. They are strong, outgoing, and cunning. They truly believe that they are the ‘chosen’ ones who have the power, the money, the looks, the theories, and the philosphies we all need and desire. These people are the most difficult to identify. They walk amongst us in the daylight and their bite is a slow bleed. It is a steady pin prick-slight but nevertheless just as potent. They mask themselves as preachers, educators, parents, volunteers, and friends. This group is the most dangerous. They will damage your soul and you won’t even realize it until your heart is lying on the floor and your soul is theirs.

THEY HAVE SUCH LOW SELF-ESTEEM that pointing your flaws and weaknesses give them the power to keep lying to themselves.

Here’s some simple steps to help banish them from your space:

  • The first step is to identify vampires in your life that drain you from the energy that is your rightful inheritance. Look for things they say and do so you will be prepared when they are near.
  • After you recognize them for who they are, don’t stab them with retailiation (whether it be a stake through the heart or a verbal lashing out). Most people really don’t want to hear what you have to say, especially vampires.
  • Move away ever so slightly. No sudden moves on your part to upset their plans of manipulation.
  • Instead stay in the light of day-grow like a beautiful flower, water yourself with inspiration, fertilize with a regular dose of friendship, and guard your existence.
  • Surround yourself only with those who uplift your essence, your dreams, and yes even your quirky ways.
  • If possible, do not entice or tempt to toy with a vampire. They are often darker and more corrupt then you realize. They are often difficult to remove especially if provoked.


Put that stake away now.

Stay in the light and you will be safe.

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