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April Kirkwood LPC holds two masters and is presently working in the mental health focussing on both women's issues as well as addiction. Her desire is to help others take the present, healing the past, and creating a wonderful tomorrow. Focus: child trauma, holistic methodology, sexual molestation and harassment.

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Sep 07

Joan Rivers – the Queen of Truth

Queen Rivers What is a Queen? Someone who lives with her hurts as well as her triumphs. Someone who holds her head up high. Someone who holds another’s hand in need. Someone who can laugh at their own expense. Someone who leads and knows the value of help. Someone who realizes at the end of …

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Aug 18

DAILY OFFBEAT: Love Coach and Author April Kay Discusses Tragic Loss of Robin Williams

The death of Robin Williams brought an international outpouring of love, sadness and incomprehension. How could someone who made so many people so happy come to such a sad end. We cried for ourselves as much as we cried for the comic legend because we will actively miss Robin Williams. He was so much a …

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Aug 13

Robin Williams, Michael Jackson and so many others! The Real Cause of Death!

How Robin Williams and Michael Jackson’s departure affects me, Tink! “They got another one of us!” I stood there spellbound, lifeless when I heard the news of Robin William’s violent act of self-demise in his most final scene with a haunting message to the entire world. The resolution of his story screaming his truth with …

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Aug 11

A ‘Frankie Valli Fan’ Sends a Nasty Email!

Submitted on 2014/08/10 at 2:14 am After reading so much online both ABOUT April and HER personal comments…I find it very hard to believe this woman has two college degrees, was a teacher, counselor, public speaker, etc. She sounds like a “woman scorned” and a moron. For a woman with such education, you should have …

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Aug 10

The Crazy Dream that gave me the ‘ok’ to write about Frankie Valli!

Two years ago I had a powerful dream. I know it was a ‘real’ dream but like most of us, I’m still grappling with what makes something real.  Perhaps what I am about to share was an authentic encounter in another realm. I know one thing, I shall never forget it.   Even to this …

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