Are You In A Hostile Relationship?

Hi there:

I’ve decided to share my healing strategies and methodology with you in hopes that you too can “make your life’ whatever you want.


It’s natural to want love.  In fact, we need love.  You can’t deny it no matter how you may try to shut yourself off from that healing energy. Even after all of the damage we’ve been through there is something in us and keeps a small shred of hope that it’s going to happen to us and finally true love is going to last.

Sound familiar?

We meet someone and it starts out great with the thought:  “I fulfill you.  You fulfill me.  Life is the process of give and take and we are prepared to do just that. We are creating a wonderful life together.”

But for many of us, even though we give 150 percent, invest wholeheartedly, go the distance…we seem to wind up in what I call hostile dependency.

Loving turns into sniping, snapping, and one aggravating comment, look, and gesture after another. We may still attached but we definitely aren’t on the same page.  It’s not soon even you aren’t even resonating on the same level of what love should look and be like.

Why do some couples make it and others don’t?

It’s because of the way we make different in the choices in the way we chose partners!

As much as we want to believe more than anything that destiny plays a huge part, there is something just as valuable in realigning yourself with what you want from love and from your relationships.

This is going to be a life changer.  One of many I’ve been going through and I can’t help but want to spread the news of finally making my life what I want it to be:

Look at your love life as a a couple each  holding their cup of love, wants, and needs.  But, In your picture perfect world, your partner has a hole in his cup.  As a loving companion you try to fill his cup.

The scenario doesn’t end up there.

You see after many many heart felt attempts that his cup can’t be filled. You become exhausted and emotionally depleted.  You’ve tried everything and none of it works to make him happy.

He loves your help and grows to lean on you.  Except for one small issue, he can’t seem to get it together.  In fact, the hole in his cup seems to get larger and gets angry when you can’t seem to see what he needs.

He still feels empty and eventually seeks out someone else who wants to heal him.

The End of LOVE: there is no payoff for either of you.

The relationship and all that was good is gone and the relationship corrodes into nothingness or worse….hostile dependency.

You can change but it takes some understanding, healing, and practice.

Make It Happen Coach

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